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OPCW's Executive Council's resolution on alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria is unbalanced: Iranian diplomat

TEHRAN, (ST)- Iran's Ambassador to the Netherland Alireza Kazemi Abadi has stressed his country's rejection of the new resolution adopted by the Executive Council of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons regarding the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria. He described the resolution as unbalanced and as having political motives besides being a step towards politicizing the OPCW's work and creating differences between its members.

During the 94th meeting of the OPCW's Executive Council on Saturday, Kazemi Abadi said that the creation of the OPCW's Investigation and Identification Team (IIT) is illegal, criticizing the biased report of this team on Syria.

The Iranian diplomat added that the new resolution ignores many things including Syria's great cooperation with the OPCW.

 On Thursday,  the Executive Council voted in favor of a western draft resolution that supports the IIT's conclusions regarding three alleged incidents on the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian city of Latamenah in 2017.

China, Russia and Iran voted against the resolution, 29 other countries supported it and nine others abstained within a session that witnessed sharp division in the views of the member states concerning the credibility and legitimacy of the work of the IIT.

Hamda Mustafa