137 people killed, more than 5,000 injured in Beirut explosion

BEIRUT, (ST)_The Lebanese Minister of Health Hamad Hasan has announced that the death toll from the Beirut explosion hit 137 people while injuries number more than 5,000

He pointed out to the continuous communications with Arab countries and other friendly countries to ensure medical aid to Lebanon.

In another development, Tripoli Port’s Administration on Thursday confirmed in a statement that the Lebanese people will not suffer a wheat crisis. 

“A ship loaded with wheat for Al-Bahsas milling company will arrive from Ukraine loaded with 5,500 tons. Three other ships will also arrive within the coming few days. Workers will empty the ships at full speed without any hindrances, and the port will provide the required logistical services, and subsequently transport wheat to all the Lebanese regions,” the statement read. 

The Port’s administration also confirmed that Tripoli port was completely void of any chemicals, firecrackers, or dangerous materials.

Basma Qaddour