Turkish occupation of parts of Syria a crime according to international law: Slovak website

The Turkish occupation of parts of Syria and the Turkish regime’s continuous support for terrorists in these areas constitute a crime according to the international law,  the Slovak "Panteon" website said on Saturday, reiterating that the silence of Western countries over this matter is clear evidence of their double standards policy.

The website warned that the Turkish regime flagrantly violates international law and the Sochi Agreement and it continues to support and arm terrorist organizations in Idlib.

On her part, Czech journalist Markita Kotilova affirmed that the Turkish regime is supporting terrorist and extremist groups in Syria, blackmailing the European Union and intensively violating the rights of the Turkish citizens.

 She pointed out that the Turkish regime is cooperating with Daesh terrorist organization and is now waging a war against Syria and Libya and threatening to seize Greek islands, yet the West continues to remain silent about it.

Hamda Mustafa