Palestinian Foreign Ministry calls for providing International Protection for the Palestinian people

OCCUPIED AL-QUDS, (ST) -  The Palestinian Foreign Ministry on Saturday renewed its call on the international community to break its silence and take urgent action to stop the Israeli occupation's crimes and provide international protection for the Palestinian people.

In a statement in Saturday, the ministry said that the American bias towards the Israeli occupation encourages this entity to commit more crimes against the Palestinians, the latest of which was the cold-blooded murder of Dalia Sammudi, 24, a mother of two children who was shot dead by Israeli occupation forces yesterday while trying to protect her children inside her house in Jenin, to the north of the occupied West Bank.

 The ministry pointed out that it is filing this crime and its details to the International Criminal Court (ICC), calling on the court to open an official investigation into the crimes of the Israeli occupation.

"The international community should break its silence and take urgent action to provide international protection for our people," said the ministry as it vehemently condemned yesterday's murder of the mother.

It held the Israeli occupation's government of Benjamin Netanyahu directly responsible for this heinous crime, which was perpetrated with the full support of the US administration.

Hamda Mustafa