The American Embassy in Beirut fuels sedition among Lebanese people

The American embassy in Lebanon  fuels sedition again among the demonstrations and protests taking place in the capital, Beirut. It worked  to encourage the demonstrators to fuel their protests, which witness violence from time to time, in an effort to increase the tension of the situation in this country.

The incitement of the American embassy came in the context of two tweets on the social website Twitter, the first tweet says: “The Lebanese people have suffered a lot and deserve to have leaders who listen to them and change their paths to respond to popular demands of transparency and accountability” in an attempt to change the course of the livelihoods protests, while the other tweet says: “We support the right of the Lebanese people to demonstrate peacefully, and we encourage those concerned to refrain from violence.

This is not the first incitement campaign of the American embassy in Lebanon, but it was preceded by several inciting campaigns and attempts to sow dispute among the Lebanese, which the Lebanese people faced with rejection, condemnation, and demonstrations in front of the embassy.

Inas Abdulkarrem