Lebanese President considers investigation into Beirut explosion waste of time

Beirut, (ST) - The Information Office of the Presidency of the Lebanese Republic confirmed that what was published on one of the websites about the position of President General Michel Aoun regarding Arab or international parties undertaking the investigation into the big explosion in Beirut port is void of any truth.

The office said in a statement today that Aoun's position was expressed during the dialogue with the media last Friday, where he considered that the demand for an international investigation into the port case aims at wasting time, stressing that “the judgment has no meaning if it takes a long time to be issued and the judiciary must be swift, because late justice is not fair, but rather it must be immediate yet without haste to ascertain who is guilty and who isn’t.

The statement stressed that "it must be emphasized that nothing was issued by President Aoun on the issue of the international investigation other than this position."

The Lebanese President pledged earlier that the courts would be open for all at equal footing to testify in the case of the explosion.

One of the websites discussed the positions of President Aoun regarding the possibility that Arab or international parties could investigate the Beirut port explosion.

Raghda Sawas