A Yemeni martyr and 11 wounded in artillery shelling of the Saudi aggression on Hodeidah Governorat

A Yemeni was killed and 11 wounded in the bombing of
the Saudi aggression forces on Hodeidah.
Al Masirah Net quoted that a citizen was killed and 11 were wounded, including six children, after two artillery shells of the aggression forces landed on the Al-Jah Al-A'la area in Beit Al-Faqih District in the governorate.
The aggression's artillery also bombed  Al-Jabaliya area in the At-Tuhayat district, which resulted in material losses, while the Saudi aggression's aircraft launched five raids on Quraishi district in Al-Bayda governorate and three raids on Majzar district in the Ma'rib governorate during the past hours.
Three Ethiopian immigrants were killed yesterday in  artillery shelling of the mercenaries of the aggression on the main line in Aqabat Al-Rakheem in the Mahliya district in the Ma'rib governorate, while a Yemeni woman was killed the day before in the Hodeidah governorate.
Sanaa Hasan