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Lotfi: Erdogan should be prosecuted for the war crimes he commits in Syria

 The General Coordinator of the Egyptian People's Committee for Solidarity with the Syrian People, Hisham Lotfi, has stressed the need for the President of the Turkish regime, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to be tried internationally for committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in Syria and Libya.

Lotfi called for confronting this regime and boycotting it at the Arab and international levels.

Lotfi stated that Erdogan continues to commit crimes and deals as a colonizer in all countries in the region and seeks to fulfill his illusions of reviving the Ottoman colonial empire again, which is in line with the Zionist and American plans.

He said that Erdogan is providing all forms of support to terrorist organizations in Syria to commit crimes against the Syrian people, stressing that the Turkish threat did not stop with Syria, but rather extended to North Africa, especially in Libya.


Lotfi underscored  the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army throughout the years of the terrorist war against Syria and its response to the anti-Arab plots.

O. al-Mohammad