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Armenia, Azerbaijan announce continuity of battles in Nagorno-Karabakh province

YEREVAN, BAKU, (ST)- Armenia and Azerbaijan have announced the continuity of battles and military escalation between the armies of the two counties on several axes at the contact line in the Nagorno-Karabakh province.

The Armenian Defense Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday that battles are continuing between the forces of the two countries, indicating that the Armenian units repelled the attacks of the Azerbaijani forces in several areas of the contact line and caused heavy losses in lives and equipment of these forces in some areas.

According to the statement, the Armenian forces destroyed this morning some Azerbaijani armored vehicles on the southern axis of the area.


In the meantime, a statement by the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry, said that the Armenian forces tried to restore the areas they lost, but the Azerbaijani army responded to these attempts and forced the Armenians to retreat, inflicting heavy losses within their ranks.

The statement noted that during the night battles a convoy of Armenian armored vehicles was destroyed while moving between Madaghiz and Agdara areas

Hamda Mustafa