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Israeli occupation bans Imam of al-Aqsa Mosque from entering it for four months

 OCCUPIED AL-QUDS, (ST)- Israeli occupation forces  early on Saturday broke into the house of Sheikh Ekrema Sabri, Imam of al-Aqsa Mosque, in occupied al-Quds and handed him a notice banning him from entering the mosque for a period of four months.

In a statement to Maan news agency, Shiekh Sabri reiterated that such aggressive practices by the Israeli occupation aim at silencing the voices that speak up against the violations committed by the occupation against al-Aqsa Mosque in implementation of its plan to judaize it.

Czech MP warns that Washington is leading the world to collapse

PRAGUE, (ST)- Czech Parliament Member Miroslav Grebenicek has affirmed that the illegal US military presence in Syria violates international law.

In an article published by the Halo Noviny newspaper on Saturday Grebenicek said the United States has instigated and supported terrorist groups in Syria and it continues this policy for the ninth consecutive year.

Washington has caused the eruption of many wars that have cost hundreds of thousands of victims and have led to massive material losses mainly during its invasion of Iraq, Grebenicek made it clear.

Pentagon admits wounding 34 American soldiers as a result of the Iranian missile strike

Washington, (ST) - The Pentagon admitted that 34 of its soldiers were wounded as a result of an Iranian missile strike on Ain al-Assad base in western Iraq on the eighth of this month in response to the assassination of General Qassem Soleimani and his companions, stressing again the unreal Statements of President Donald Trump who denied any injuries.

"Eight American soldiers who had been transferred to Germany were taken to the United States," Reuters quoted Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman as saying.

Russian MPS: Syria will emerge victorious out of the global war launched against it

A number of Russian MPs have denounced the aggressive acts committed against the Syrian people by the terrorist organizations which are supported by the Turkish regime and the US, stressing that Syria will emerge victorious out of the global war launched against it.

Diyab: The government should put a work plan that meets needs of Lebanese people

Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diyab affirmed the necessity for the new Lebanese government to deal with realities and put forward a work plan that meets the needs of the Lebanese people.