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Presence of American forces in Syria is an occupation with an aim to plunder its fortunes, says Grosbic

Prague, (ST) - Head of the Czech Parliamentary Group for Friendship with Syria, Stanislav Grosbic, affirmed that the presence of American forces in Syria is an occupation that aims to plunder the fortunes of the Syrian people and protect terrorists. He called for condemning this behavior internationally.

In a statement to a SANA correspondent in Prague, Grosbic made it clear that the only mission of the American forces in Syria is to undermine the sovereignty of the Syrian people and then steal their inner wealth.

"Everyone knows the plundering objectives of these forces and their protection of the terrorist groups, which will later pose a security threat to Europe," he said, stressing the need for the United States to withdraw all its occupying forces from Syria.

The Israeli occupation forces arreste three Palestinians in the West Bank

On January 23, the Israeli occupation forces arrested three Palestinians from different areas in the West Bank.

WAFA News Agency reported that the occupation forces raided villages and towns in Hebron, Tubas and Ramallah and arrested three Palestinians.

The Israeli occupation forces continue their aggressive practices against the Palestinians by restricting and attacking them in their cities and villages and launching daily arrest campaigns with the aim of displacing them and seizing their lands and judaizing them.


O. al-Mohammad

Protests and blocked roads renewed in a number of Lebanese regions

Demonstrations and road closures were renewed today in a number of Lebanese regions to protest against the formation of the new government and to demand an improvement in the living conditions and fighting corruption.

According to the Lebanese National Media Agency, , protesters cut off traffic at the intersection of Al Koula Sports City in Beirut in both directions, while the army and security forces are working to open it.

In Tire, a demonstration took place last night in protest against the formation of the government and the high prices. The demonstrators asked the Ministry of Economy to  issue a weekly or daily bulletin specifying the prices of basic food items and monitoring the exchange rate of the dollar in the city market.

Most Americans want to remove Trump from his office

A public opinion poll in the United States showed that a majority of Americans want to remove Donald Trump from his position as president.

According to a poll conducted by Reuters and Ipsos company, which ran from Jan. 17-22 in all of the United States, 44 % of its respondents support the removal of Trump, while 31 % considered that the charges against him should be withdrawn.

To be briefed on the whole poll by Reuters/ Ipsos click:

Inas Abndulkareem

Middle East Council of Churches calls for lifting the economic blockade imposed on the Syrians

BEIRUT, (ST)- The Executive Committee of the Middle East Council of Churches has renewed its call for lifting the unfair economic blockade imposed on the Syrian people.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Committee said that the suffering of the Syrian people because of the war and the siege necessitates exerting all efforts to lift the sanctions, help the Syrians, who were displaced because of terrorism, return home and continue confronting extremism and terrorism in Syria.

The statement reiterated that Christians in the East are deeply-rooted in their land and they will continue to adhere to their homeland, heritage and identity.