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Turkish regime's arrest of lawyers draws international criticism

Turkish and international lawyers’ groups have voiced concern over the arrest of dozens of lawyers, saying they had been doing their job when representing clients accused of links to the network Turkey blames for an attempted coup in 2016.

The Ankara state prosecutor’s office ordered the detention of 60 people on Friday, including 48 lawyers and others in the legal sector, suspected of operating in support of the network of Fethullah Gulen.

Borrell calls on Turkey to refrain from taking unilateral actions

High Representative of the European Union Josep Borrell  has called on Turkey to refrain from taking unilateral actions.

Speaking at the European Parliament plenary ,  Borrell  said Turkey has to refrain from taking unilateral actions. This is a basic element to allow the dialogue to advance -well, better, to start.

" There are still some days, the reaching out continues hoping that the European Council will be able to develop a constructive approach to our relations with Turkey, which are –I can say that firmly- at a watershed moment in history. The world will go one side or the other, depending on what is going to happen on the next days," he added.

Dozens of settlers storm the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, under the protection of the occupation forces

Occupied al-Quds, (ST) - Dozens of Israeli settlers renewed storming the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque which is a daily occurrence. The settlers carried out provocative tours under the protection of the occupation forces.

Wafa News Agency reported that 69 settlers stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque from the Mughrabi Gate and carried out provocative tours in its yards, with heavy security from the occupation forces.

The occupation forces have been escalating their aggressive acts against the Palestinians and their holy shrines. They continuously storm al-Aqsa Mosque, detain Palestinians and prevent citizens from praying in the mosque in a bid to impose a fait accompli by judaizing and controlling al-Aqsa compound.

Raghda Sawas

The Lebanese national parties and forces renew adherence to the option of resistance

Beirut, (ST) - The meeting of the Lebanese national parties, forces and personalities renewed their adherence to the option of resistance, which achieves victories and faces the occupation with insurmountable strength.

The meeting of the parties stressed in a statement today that, the resistance movements have decided upon their decision and choice in confronting the Zionist occupier and on standing by the Palestinian people until the liberation of their lands.

Raghda Sawas

Turkish regime authorities issue arrest warrants for 78 people

Ankara, (ST) - The Turkish regime authorities have issued arrest warrants for 78 people, including soldiers, under the pretext of their links to the organization of the preacher Fethullah Gülen, who is accused by this regime of being behind the 2016 coup attempt.

The Anadolu Agency, speaking on behalf of the Turkish regime, quoted security sources as saying that "arrest warrants were issued against 66 people in Izmir, 53 were arrested, including 48 soldiers on active duty."

The Turkish regime in the capital, Ankara, also issued arrest warrants against 12 teachers, including 8, in service, on charges of their connection to the organization by using the ByLock messaging application. At least nine of teachers were arrested.

Yesterday, the Turkish regime authorities issued arrest warrants for 14 people under the pretext of their links to the Gülen organization.