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Zarif: Europe can't stand up in the face of American ambitions and threats

Tehran,(ST)- Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif stressed that the European countries can't stand up in the face of the threats and aspirations of US President Donald Trump.

Fares news agency quoted Zarif as saying in a tweet today about  the recent action of the three European countries to stop  the dispute about the nuclear deal: “When Germany, Britain, and France  gave up the nuclear deal with Iran in return for limited tariffs on European imported goods, I warned  that  this would increase Trump's  appetite".

President Aoun calls on the new government to address the economic situation

Beirut, (ST) - Lebanese President General Michel Aoun called on the new government to intensify efforts and gain the people's trust by tackling the deteriorating economic conditions in the country.

Aoun said at the beginning of the first session of the government today that "your mission is accurate and you must gain the confidence of the Lebanese people and work to achieve the goals that they aspire to, both with regard to the life demands that need to be achieved or the economic conditions that have deteriorated as a result of their accumulation over many years".

Salehi: The Europeans have proven inability in the face of American blackmail

Head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization, Ali Akbar Salehi, confirmed today that the European troika has proven its complete inability to confront American blackmail and harsh conditions.

Salehi said that "the statement of the European troika (Germany, France and Britain) on the mechanism of resolving the dispute in the nuclear agreement proved the Europeans ineptitude and misjudgment."

Hassan Diab heads the new formed Lebanese government

On January 21, Lebanese President Michel Aoun issued a decree forming  a new government headed by Hassan Diab, which includes 20 ministers, including 6 women.

“The Secretary-General of the Lebanese Cabinet  Mahmoud Makiya, announced that Aoun and Diab signed the decree forming the new government in Baabda Palace,” the Lebanese National News Agency reported.

Diab said in a press conference shortly after the formation of the government that the new government will work to fulfill the Lebanese demands to fight corruption and recover the looted money.

Senate approves Trump impeachment trial plan

The U.S. Senate voted early on Wednesday on party lines to approve the rules for President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, rejecting Democratic efforts to obtain evidence and ensure witnesses are heard.

Reuters reported that the House voted 53 votes to 47 in favor of approving the trial plan, which allows resuming the opening arguments from members of the House of Representatives later in the day.

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