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General Union of Arab Intellectuals and Writers expresses support for Syria

Members of the General Union of Arab Intellectuals and Writers affirmed today their support for Syria in its right to preserve its independence, territorial integrity, and unity as well as for its war against terrorism.

At the annual meeting of the union, Chairman of the Jordanian Writers Association Saad Eddin Shaheen said that the participants endorsed the report of the Deputy Secretary-General, poet Youssef Shakra, who is tasked with visiting the Arab Writers Union in Syria, and adopted it in an official document, registering an official invitation to the Syrian delegation to attend the next meeting.

US to grant $35 million to promote fake news about Syria

The Canadian Global Research website revealed today that the US State Department will pump $35 million more into future war propaganda on Syria, under the guise of “promoting press reports”.

The US State Department grant confirms that one of its main goals is to "advance US government policy objectives in Syria," the website pointed out in an article, explaining that this is probably the only honest clause in the grant description because it shows the reality of the hegemonic objectivesthat the United States seeks to implement in Syria.

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Al-Qaeda group in Libya has close ties to Erdoğan, intelligence documents reveal

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Classified intelligence documents obtained by the Swedish Nordic Monitor website have revealed how the jihadist Ben Ali group led by Abdaladim Ali Mossa Ben Ali, a Libyan citizen with close ties to al‐Qaeda, took part in the transfer of foreign fighters and weapons from Libya to Syria through Turkey.

Lavrov underscores the need to eliminate terrorism in Idleb

MOSCOW, (ST)_ Moscow, SANA- Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has underscored the need to eliminate terrorism in Idleb.

In a press conference with South Sudan’s Foreign Affairs Minister in Moscow on Tuesday, Lavrov said that terrorist groups in Idleb continue their provocative acts and attacks on the nearby areas, the Syrian Arab Army's positions and on Hmeimim airport.

The Russian official added that these provocative acts left hundreds of casualties and that they should not be allowed to continue.

Larijani: The differences between the countries of the region encouraged Washington and the Israeli occupation to move forward in what is called (Deal of the Century)

Tehran, ST- The head of the Iranian Islamic Shura Council, Ali Larijani, considered that the differences between the countries of the region encourage the Zionist entity and the United States to move forward and reveal the details of the so-called (deal of the century) that aims at liquidating the Palestinian issue.

The  Palestinian national forces called for the next two days    "Wednesday and Friday" to be days of anger,  and to organize rallies and protests in the besieged cities of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip refusing the (Deal of the Century), which US President Donald Trump intends to announce its terms today.