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President A-Assad affirms intellectuals’ key role in facing the war of terminology and concepts

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad on Wednesday received a delegation representing the Syrian and Arab intellectuals who participated in the central celebration held by the Arab Writers Union (AWU) marking its 50th foundation anniversary.

The meeting focused on the challenges facing Syria within the ongoing cultural invasion on the country which is one of the most dangerous dimensions of the terrorist war waged on Syria.

President Al-Assad affirmed the key role of intellectuals in scientific and objective analysis of the values and traditions of Arab societies in order to select and protect those useful and change those harmful.

 The president reiterated that intellectuals should always be ready to face the war of terms and be present to confront the concepts and terms that some parties seek to promote abroad to serve certain agendas that go against the homeland’s interests.

He called for investment in culture being the most profitable form of investment, affirming the need to preserve the Arabic language as the basis of the Arab identity.

Hamda Mustafa