President al-Assad receives Iranian delegation

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ President Bashar al-Assad received today a delegation representing the Iranian Shura Council headed by the Speaker of the council Ali Larijani.

The president asserted during the meeting that the Syrian people's enemies are still trying to protect terrorist groups that hold civilians as hostages and human shields.

"We will never allow such acts to continue at the expense of citizens' life, safety and stability. The Syrian people are determined to liberate all areas in the country," President al-Assad asserted.

On his part, the Iranian official affirmed that his country will go ahead with supporting Syria to eliminate terrorism, referring to the importance of recent victories achieved over terrorist groups.

Larijani also expressed his belief that the Syrian people will complete the liberation of all areas from terrorist groups and that Syria will restore its position in the region.

The talks also dealt with the recent developments in the region including the policy being practiced by some western countries, mainly the United States,, to spread chaos in the region.

The two sides underscored the need to expand the circle of the countries that are against these policies and to cooperate together in order not to allow dragging the world into more wars.

The strategic relations between Syria and Iran were also on the table.   

Basma Qaddour