A Letter from a Supporter in Australia

I can only speak for myself as an Australian citizen when I say that I am deeply saddened by the suffering of the Syrian people. I salute the selfless bravery of every Syrian soldier and I have the greatest respect for the diligent and honourable patrons of the Syrian government.

There is indeed a conspiracy against Syria and the main reason why the world at large ignores it is twofold – control of the flow of information and political will. Australian citizens are bombarded daily with Israeli and American lies and our politicians dare not say a sensible word against Israel or the US if they value their position. For example, at Edith Cowan University, in Perth, Western Australia, a lecturer that gave a very balanced lecture on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict was subsequently threatened by a local Rabbi. The former head of the Australian Labour Party Simon Crean was pushed out of his position because he did not, in Australian Jewish News words, “reign in the anti-Israel sector of his Party.”

Dissent is costly and information is scarce at best. Thankfully, the information that this site provides (in English) allows people such as myself to competently defuse the lies that are being told about Syria and its wonderful leader Bashar al Assad. The beneficial aspect of this function is possibly overlooked. I believe that one of the reasons the citizens of the West rejected their leaders attempts to invade Syria was due to this information. So, please keep up your very important work. Thank you kindly for your efforts.

 Alex Friday

A Letter from a supporter in America