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The road to Damascus persuades the guardian to see by her own eyes that she erred

What was published in the Guardian 7 may 2021 should be read by the UN security council members now engaged in a fist fight to formulate a declaration.

The declaration to be real and factual should not stop on what happened during the last days of the Holy month of Ramadan. 

It should take into consideration what happened some 100 years ago when the council of the league of nations approved the mandate for Palestine in which the Balfour declaration assigned a place for " people to be imported" to take the place of those who are in Palestine. 


What is happening in Jerusalem now is exactly what the mandate authorized. It a crime against humanity now. And it was a crime against humanity then.

Let us all declare that according to contemporary international law the Balfour declaration is a crime and was also a crime.

Who opened the eyes of the Guardian?  Damascus.  How? It refused the Balfour declaration the minute it was announced. Let us recall that in April 1925 it did not allow Lord Balfour to sleep near the road to Damascus that brought St Paul to a certain virtue.

George Jabbour

President of U.N. Association, Syrian Arab republic.