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New media and its effects On Syrian children

Prepared by: Dr. Monzer Ali Ahmad 



   New media technology and its applications has caused various effect and day by day it becomes larger and vaster, its effect is not only restricted on adult people, but it also exceeded this scale to reach to the little children belongs to different generation, in this study we will focus on new media and its different application that takes place by internet like online network video games like the famous game Counter-strike and Grand Theft Auto, GTA, Vice City, which are very popular among the Syrian children, and we will see how these games affected the children, who are the most sensitive elements in society, playing games and having mobile phones for long hours without making any physical affects will make children dull and inactive, and also the children's education will be affected too.

The purpose of study Is to throw a light on the different applications of new media, and to understand to what degree its applications can affect the children in general and the Syrian children in particular. The present study has been taken up in the background of the following theoretical frame work. Media theory refers to the complex of social-political-philosophical principles which organize ideas about the relationship between media and society. Within this is a type of theory, called ‘normative theory’, which is concerned with what the media ought to be doing in society, rather than what they actually do.   

New Media and its Effects on Syrian Children:


    No doubt that new media has caused many notable effects inside the various aspects of life and at many cases it has adapted or completely changed the traditional patterns of people’s life, either positively or negatively, so judging the side of these effect and saying whether it was positive or negative is usually varies from one society to another, because it depends on several factors like their beliefs and on their ability, readiness and acceptance to adopt new inventions and new devices, and to adapt themselves according to these new changes which will be happen in their social life as a result of their usage or rejection to this new devices. If we supposed that there is a man who slept for 25 years, from 1985 and suddenly he wake up at 2010, what will happen to him? Shall he be able to realize the grade and the rate of advance and development that was achieved in ICTs technology and New Media applications, represented in mobile phone, internet and their various application.

Children are the most sensitive elements in society they are like dough that can be easily formed and shaped as well as it can be easily destroyed and damaged, children like white papers than might be spoiled by dirty spots if we were no carful about it. No doubt that the advent of new media to the Syrian society has essentially affected all its various segments, women, youth, teenager armature, elders and children. Many people will say that children should not be so much affected by new media application because they are still young, and they are not in direct contact with new media various applications.

A-The effects of computer interactive games on Syrian children:

There is no doubt that, the enormous concern and interest in the industry of computer games has contributed in developing it rabidly during the last (20-30) years its development was very strong and rapid due to its large financial profits. Simple games, which was used by the early generation of computer's users by the passing of time it is becoming more complicated and more sophisticated, to satisfy all generation tastes and desires. May be the latest and the most notable development in this field was achieved when this computer game turned from just being simple game that can only be played by one person with his computer device and turned to become an interactive games which can be played between multi players in local network, and also enjoyed the ability of being played online with other players who have suitable internet connection speed. That requirement and the features of the computer was completely developed and changed, because operating this kind of games require computers with high features like having graphic card and high quality RAM. Computers used for gaming should possess special features and capabilities, in order to enable the player to enjoy good gaming and these special high qualifications will make game run better. This rapid and no stopping development have created new contradictory of understanding between different generation, parents and children. When a child asks his parents to change his computer set, because it becomes old and he is unable to play will and his computer qualification are not equivalent to operate new games, in general the parents will not be able to realize and to accept the idea of changing this computer set, which they have just shortly bought it by high price and it is still almost new and still working then why do we need to replace it by new one? And many other questions it should be like TV set no need to change it only when it is damaged, this is the gap of generation. The two generation have different needs and interests, the father/mother will be satisfied of using some simple programs that require low feature, but the child needs and interests will be completely different from his parents interests, because he belongs to different generation and will be interested about certain games which require special feature to work properly on his computer and his compute’s feature doesn’t support Really this is the gap of generation which is not easy to be bridged, and many parents will not be able to understand that, as their children needs for food and nourishment they also needs to play and to satisfy their desires in discovering and testing the new world around them.   

Syrian children like any other children in the world were deeply affected by computer, especially its interactive games the people who porn at 1985 or above that year were affected more than other people because they were at teenager when computer become reasonably popular in Syria and many people has become able to buy computer devices and many Computer Game Stations ‘CGS’ were opened widely and become popular in many Syrian cities. Computer games have become increasingly popular inside the Syrian society especially among young people, since the beginning of 2000. At the early days of these computer games it were mainly played by youth and teenager and elders, who were enthusiastic about computers and were very interested in discovering and trying everything new about this games, this can be related to the fact that they have not experienced something like when they were younger, because it was not available, so they found it as a very interesting thing to try it when they become older, and now they have enough money to spend it on their hobbies however during the early years of the last decades, computer games has become an essential part for many of Syrian’s children daily activity either inside their homes or inside computer games stations. No doubt that the time which was assigned for doing traditional hobbies and activities; which require physical activities or mental activities; was essentially replaced by computer game activities and this by it way has affected the character of the young children socially, physically and psychologically. When their children turned to be a ‘computer game addicts’ their parents mood started gradually to change from being so proud of their children’s ability to run this developed device, which is considered by many of them as a very complicated device, after noting some negative changes on their children behavior, the parents’ mood turned to be very bad mood, especially when they noted that their children has become attached and strongly linked to this device, and this behavior started to affect their children’s normal life, especially when it started to affects their studies and their grades at schools.

Public discourses on computer games and their expected effects on children suggest that, these interactive new media have gained a dominant position in the leisure time of children and have affected time reserved for other activities whereas many children begun to substitute more appreciated leisure activities like reading and sports by computer gaming activity. Traditional activities which we grew up with, such reading inside homes and sports activity outside the home; now these interactive new media represented by interactive computer games is believed to contribute in radical shifting towards more indoor-oriented activities and individualized leisure activities inside and outside home.

Generally children of every community usually have their special habits and their local special games, children in Syria used to play popular team games like football, basketball, handball…etc. in addition to other physical activity, they also like to play electronic games like Nintendo, Mario, play station, and other simple games that was popular, nowadays these type of games is considered an old fashion game and it will not attract the children of these days who have experienced interactive new games. Old fashion games can only be played by one player against the machine or at the most by two players by using special equipment, there was no action and reaction between team members like the case of computer network games, old games lacks interactivity between players within the game itself, and among players themselves.

Computer games have the feature of being able to be played not only by children when they are alone, but also it can be played when more friends are present they can also play together. To play computer games with someone else appeals to boys more than to girls in Syria it is very rare to find girls going to computer game station, because the society is eastern conservative society and it will not be suitable when teenaged girls goes to these places, even if she was a little girl, may be in luxury rich area, where rich and modern people live, this behavior will be accepted and seen as normal behavior, while it will not be accepted by people who live in low income areas, and reputation is the girl's capital in the eastern societies. Children in general, especially the boys, are interested in integrating the games and sharing and competing with others may be to compare and to demonstrate their progress in a certain game, and at some time to get help or advice when they face difficulties at advanced level of a certain game, boys at teenager prefer to play games that show skills and professionalism.  

The real meaning of computer games that can be played on local network or can be played online, was not fully developed by computer games companies, Counter-strike is considered as one of the most famous network game among the Syrian children. Counter-strike was the first-person shooter game in which players have three options to be with terrorist team, or to be with counter-terrorist team, or just to watch and become spectator’s ‘Camera’ for your friends to help them to find their enemies. Counter-strike was essentially designed to be played as a network game, whereas two teams can play against each other, this game was very popular inside the Syrian society and the new generation has invented special terms associated with this game and these terms can only be understood by people who play this game, at early days this game was only available at big city centers computer game stations, after 2003 when computer become reasonably cheap, many small computer game station, where widely opened even in small villages that it may contain a network which consists of six or four computers or even only two in addition to PlayStation device.

Counter-strike also can be played online multiplayer connection can play online game; it may be played between players from different countries, Syria, India, Russia…etc. When it played online, it requires high speed Internet connection, and this was not available at computer game stations, and it was more expensive to go to internet coffee to play online counter game, at any way internet speed was not suitable for this kind of online games, and people prefer to play that kind of game with real children whom they know personally.  

Grand Theft Auto, GTA, Vice City: is another popular game among Syrian children, although the fact that many reports has mentioned that GTA, Vice City is the Worst Game Ever, contrary to this negative reports some other reports has showed it as the best game for entertainment for both family and kids, this game is very popular among Syrian children and continually they follow up its new versions with its new missions and new graphics and they usually update its versions by adding some Arabic music and some Arabic slogans in addition to some funny writings, so they can make their local version. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City GTA rated for kids and family but many families started warning of its possible negative side effects that might happen as a result of playing this game since it might affects children and also it might drive them to commit crimes like some stories that happened in America, no similar incidents were recorded in Syria. In a report published in the daily pixel website that was titled “Rockstar confident GTA 5 will only inspire 19% of players to commit murder “.

A spokesman for the renowned developer of GTA 5, Said that  “We’ve worked closely with a team of cognitive psychologists throughout the entire development process and they’re confident that only 19% of players will feel compelled to brutally murder their family or shoot up their school after playing GTA 5.  Better yet, our psychologists predict that the remaining 81% of players will simply engage in low-level criminal behavior, most likely jaywalking or disregarding ‘no ball game’ signs in parks.”( 2012)[1]

Studies showed that children who spend very long time Eventually, their education quality not only standstills but also it is also on the way down; also will face very bad health side effects. Staying behind computer screens for long time requires high concentration and this affects children’s health and affects their concentration at schools and their grades especially in cases when parents are busy and spend most of the time outside the home and can give less attention to their children education. Some people agree with the fact that those are only little children and they need to play and to discover this new technology in order to learn and fulfill their needs, sure no one can deny that they are children and they need to play, and parents duty is to take care of children and to protect them and to prevent them from causing harm to themselves. Great benefits computer has brought to the human beings and the fact that it has now become one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century worldwide; however, there is a controversial debate that computer have more negative impact on children more than its positive effects especially on kids who are daily using computer for long hours. Some negatives aspects may appear when children use a computer every day they will face several health problems in their eyes like myopia, Flat, LCD’s, plasma computer screens were not available and was very expensive, It is a fact that myopia is more popular among urban children more than among rural people and that children in urban areas have more risks of being shortsighted than those in rural area. There is no clear reason but the possible reason for this fact is that the children use modern technology equipment’s such as computer, and mobiles at the too early ages and for long hours,

No doubt that playing computer games for long hours without making any physical affects will make children dull and inactive, they are always in of lack exercises such as outdoor activities, and children must have time to breathe fresh air at outside, and to enjoy the sun light. When they become addicted to computer game, essentially this activity will take most of their times and will leave no time to do other activities. This situation is definitely bad for their physical health and for their mental development, and it will contribute in creating physical and psychological problems for children that might be developed if it was neglected then it will be difficult to get rid of it in future.

There is no doubt that, the lure of computer is very strong, everyday there is new games and every game is full of many stages, new challenges hard and extra harder levels, competition with friends, and the target is the big word YOU WIN, so the child is looking for moral winning, that might be considered as a compensation to his scientific defeat at his studies in schools. including some of the students in their studies anything and it is easy to attract them by any small prize, in the case if the child was the best player among his friend he will become more fond of this game, and if he was not professional he will try to play more and more in order to improve his skills in that game and this will mean spending more money and time on practicing, because he have the feeling that if he failed he will become a laughing stock for his friend and this will affect his psychology and will prefer to play alone.

We have many effects which its negative results will not appear directly and it needs time to appear, like the excessive use of computer for long hours by children will affect their neurology and their attention, so they will not be able to focus and concentrate and their neurons will be affected and damaged. In a study published on this website by Katherine.(Fool’s Gold, A Critical Look at Computers in Childhood, Report of the alliance for Childhood, 2000)[2]

“On a neurological level, this is concerning because increased computer use may develop habits that strengthen certain areas of the brain and as a result do not allow others to strengthen to their full potential.  This is especially concerning when it comes to children because their brains continue to develop through adolescence”

 “Attention is developed over the course of many years and occurs in three stages.  In order for this to happen it is necessary for the brain to practice activities that hone attention skills.  Computers often conflict with these activities that are needed for one to develop the ability to pay attention.  The first stage occurs until age seven (4).  During this period, children learn how to be selectively attentive.  Too much sensory input during this stage can cause children to either tune out this input when it is not necessary to do so or to become “jumpy” and over-stimulated by input that does not warrant that kind of response(4).  Computers present a danger during this stage of development because they stimulate multiple senses simultaneously.  If exposed to computers too much, children do not have the opportunity to develop the ability to pay attention to one activity.  The second stage occurs in later childhood typically between ages seven and nine.  This stage is particularly critical because it is when “response organization” is developed.  Response organization is the ability to “form a plan and act on it in an organized, efficient manner (4).”  Most computer programs do not allow for children to do this.  Rather than requiring that they determine the appropriate sequence of steps that must be taken in order to reach a particular goal, the computer has these steps mapped out.  Some computer programs provide more opportunities for this development, but the majority does not (4).  The last stage of attention development is sustained attention, or the ability to stay focused for a period of time and occurs from age eleven on.  This stage is important for teenagers as they continue to groom their ability to focus for long periods of time (2) (4).  Again, too much time spent on the computer results infringes on the brain’s chance to gain this crucial skill.”      (Healy Jane, Failure to Connect, 1998) [2-2] [3-4]

It is naturally true that some children are physically stronger than others, but being strong doesn’t necessary mean to have computer skills especially in computer games professional like others especially in fighting and war games like Counter-Strike, in case if they were defeated by some children whom are physically weak, their reaction will be negative and they will feel anger especially when others start mocking of him and may become more violence and will turn that virtual fighting to real fighting “physical skills versus computer skills.

Excessive use of computer also causes the lack of social communication with other children and takes the children's chances to improve their communicating skills, which are very important for their life in the future. Many mothers have complained that their children spend more time with their computers more than with their mothers or friends. When using a computer everyday it becomes a regular habit of the children, and it will not be easy to get rid of it, because the child now has created his own world and he is living with his virtual character in his virtual.

Dr. Adnan Al-Atoum Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Yarmouk, Jordan, believes that internet usage by teenager and children has affected and changed the typical types of the normal traditions, and also has affected in social relations that was normally accepted in traditional societies, and has shaped new types that needs time to be accepted by people in this societies.

 ” The use of the internet has become a substitute for healthy social interaction with his comrades and relatives and their major interest become about spending long hours exploring multiple internet websites, which means a change in the system of social values for individuals, where this excessive use will enhance individual values rather than social values and the joint teamwork values, which represents an important element in our culture.”( 2011)

Surely the Individual use of computers and Internet will enhance the desire and inclination of the unit and isolation of adolescents and young people, which reduces the chances of interaction and social growth and emotional health, which is no less important for cognitive development, curiosity and exploration. Preliminary studies indicate that using of the Internet exposes children and teenagers to fictional and unrealistic materials and information, that hindering their thinking and their adoption and it develops some irrational ideas, especially those related to the pattern of personal relationships and lifestyles, customs and traditions prevailing in other communities.

No doubt that, the use of internet broad areas of life has become a source of social and economic stress for many individuals, and has become a catalyst in widening the gap between generations, where that individual who is not belonging to the internet culture is exposed to criticism from his comrades for his ignorance and for not following up this new culture, whereas many people who are unable of using the Internet have become vulnerable to the charge of backwardness and stupidity, such accusation and impressions will help in developing a model of the social and cultural conflict between generations or various segments of the society, or between young and elders or parents and children.

Those who give such accusation, they don’t rational thoughts about the real reasons which prevent and hinder some people from using New Media technology, may be this individual is not using or following this technology because it is financially expensive especially for individuals who have no income, and it is not a matter of low mental capabilities, like internet and mobile services when it has become reasonably cheap, many elders and low income simple people started using it perfectly and even better than those who started using it at its early days, another reason is that some people may not use this New Media because they are not interested about it at all, we find many people who doesn’t watch TV or listen to Radio or read any magazine or newspaper,  so he is unable to accept traditional forms of media how we can expect him to run after new media.   

B- Mobile Phone and its effects on Syrian children:

The effect of new media technology and its applications has become larger and vaster, its effect is not only restricted on adult people, but it also exceeded this scale to reach to the little children. The appearance of new media has created many new social phenomenon, which has created debate inside these societies, like the phenomena of using and having private cellphone by children, this phenomenon is not new one inside the Syrian society but, in the past it was restricted to the children of the rich, but now it has become so popular due to many social reasons and social habits, and it has exceeded the matter of being a need for certain cases.

At the recent year mobile phones has become very popular among young people in Syria and have an obvious appeal for reasons of personal security and communication. By the appearance of the new generation of mobile phones and due to many different reasons; now it has become popular seeing children carrying mobile phone, many people attribute this phenomena to the social pressure practiced by other friends relatives and surrounding living in the same social circle, or it was just a respond to their children unstopping requests and pleas to buy this product, some parents don’t know how to say no for their children, at any way in some cases may be the children have received it as gift from one of their relatives or as a gift for other different reasons.

Many parents in Syria are buying developed smart phones to their children, most of them attribute the reason of giving mobile phone to their children in that early age, to different reasons and the general answer for most of them will be that, they are afraid about their children and they want to be in touch with them at any time and at anywhere and they don’t want to miss them when they are far alone, if these was the real reasons for giving mobile phone to their children, this means that children should keep the mobile only in cases when they are alone and outside the house, and this is not what happening in reality, most of the children are keeping their mobile phones with them at all the times, whither they are inside the home or outside the home and they keep playing games and keeping concentrating their small eyes on its small display for long hours, may be the internet speed in Syria is not helping them to play online games or to discover internet websites and to do chatting but,in sure they can play many other games who previously saved it, they can use Bluetooth, infrared features to send and exchange these games with each other. Children keep playing with these games for hours and their eyes are becoming more tired and reddish, when they become addicted to this kind of game they will become isolated from their surrounding and their major focus will be only be concentrated on this game. By the passing of time parents will find more difficulties in controlling mobile phone games which is more harmful to children’s health than computer game and more difficult to control and to manage its usage time since the child can play by it at any time and at anywhere, whereas the child will not be under his parents observation during all the time, and when you give him some advice about the hazards that might happen as a result of playing computer games for long hours he agrees with you, and if you told him ‘then why are you playing games with your mobile all the time’? He will say this is only small mobile phone game and not computer game it is something different.

In Syria the costs of mobile phone devices, making calls, sending SMS’s are not cheap when it compared to income averages, the two operating companies usually provide offers but as many people says it is not enough and people needs more. Many families started buying mobile phone devices to their children, since they were in different ages some people believe that a boy or a girl should have cellphone only when they finish high school, in the age of eighteen, and others say it should be at the age of fourteen when he/she finish his preparatory schools and have his national ID card, and some others believe it depends on the child himself if he is aware and able to have cellphone, then it is his right to have it even if he is at the age of six, they defend this opinion by saying that, giving a child the keys of the house and keeping it is very high responsibility, so if we can trust our child ability to carry the keys of the house we must trust that he is also able to carry his private cellphone, so we should teach the child how to bear the responsibility and giving him privet cellphone will help him to do that.

In Syrian society, like in any society sometimes we can find some people who usually give much concern and care about their surrounding people like their friends, neighbors and relatives and they give much concern about their appearance and about their social position and prestige, to keep being at the top rank of the social ladderas they believe they need to work hard to be perfect all the time so at many time we can find them trying to find methods to appear better than the others. These requirement artificial behavior needs following the latest high fashions. Also having the latest version of cellphone has become for boasting more than the need for its latest features it become accessories not only for them but also for their children, because they consider that their children’s elegance is a part of their personal elegance, so they are very keen to buy the latest version of cellphone regardless of their ages, the child should reflect his father’s position and his rank, so those rich elite people started giving the latest new developed mobile phone to their children regardless if they are able to use it for good purposes or he will only misuses it, in this cases we can say that giving mobile to the child has exceeded the limits of needs and used just to reflect the unhealthy atmosphere of those people represented in geology, boast, as if they want to say loudly that no one is better than us. They defend their point of view by saying since we are able to buy the latest version of cellphone why should we prevent our children from something he asked for? And since there are some people are giving mobile phone to their children at very early age, why not to do the same since we are able and why to allow them to talk about us and to say that we are miser. At any way these kind of people who care about boasting and care about their social position they take such kind of decision without any  previous knowledge, whether this device have any bad negative side effects on their children’s health, education or even if this tinny child is going to misuse this device for doing bad things. Some people from Syria society and under social pressure has responded to their children’s request to have mobile phone, may be they were not fully convinced that young children should have or need to have mobile phone, simply they will buy mobile phone to their children just in order, not to be accused by others that, their children are not clever and aware enough like other children to carry mobile phone, and also to keep their children not to be jealous of their friends and also not to be accused of being miser parents who prevent their kids from obtaining mobile phones, just because they don’t want to buy it or they don’t want to bear the cost of charging it, especially at the early days of mobile service you have to buy expensive SIM card and also you need to charge your mobile, not only with talk time units but also with units for validity extension, this means that you can’t only use your mobile phone for only receiving calls, like many parents do this days with their child mobiles, but  you have to charge it regularly with fixed rates to get extra validity days and to keep it running, when mobile phone service was like this even the old people were unable to have mobile phone, because the mobile phone devices at that time were very expensive and only limited number of rich families and high class people were able to buy mobile phone devices to their young children, and keep it running by regular charging when children started carrying mobiles at that time no much concern was given to this new phenomenon in Syrian society and many people have considered it only a prestigious behavior, and luxury pattern of rich people life, and ordinary people used the famous proverb” If you have spice, you can add spice to your food”.

Community concern has been expressed with regard to mobile telephone use by children. At present, there is insufficient evidence in the science to substantiate the hypothesis that children may be more vulnerable to RF and EME emissions from mobile phones than adults. It’s recognized that parents provide mobile phones to their children for different reasons, including their child’s personal security as well as the assurance of their child being constantly contactable.  Experts recommended that, due to the lack of any kind of data relating to children and their long term use of mobile phones, parents encourage their children to limit their exposure by reducing call time, in Syria this recommendation is achieved by the two operating companies because of their high prices, children are recommended to make calls where reception is good, by using hands-free devices or speaker options, or by texting. New media and its various applications have unlimited number of benefits on children if it was used wisely and it also has unlimited number of hazards and damages if it was used unwisely.

C-New media and its effects on Syrian children education:

The previous and the present new Syrian constitution, that was approved in a referendum on 26 February, 2012 insisted in its Article 28-29 on the right of Syrian citizens to enjoy free education at all levels of education and this right will be guaranteed by the state which will also regulates the state’s supervision of private educational institutions.

As new media has affected the different aspects of people life it has basically affected the field of education that has witnessed a recent revolution, not only in materials and contents, but also in the methods and tools of teaching and also in the way it operates also in its teaching methods. Hard copies of books are still widely used by students in libraries but new generation who has good internet connection is no longer like to tire away through research papers and reference books found in the library it is hard job to do traditional research by books, but we can’t deny how it is important to advanced research. Now must needed information can be found when you click at the button of your mouse or your touchpad and retrievable in less than a second. New media has contributed in rising the quality and ability of students and teachers, the education process is connected chain all its rings should be strong, if we neglected any part of this chain it will be broken. Internet contributions in the field of education has enabled many people to study in international university while they are staying in their countries through providing the possibility for online education and training through distance education courses in addition to the possibility of finding or performing distance working through the internet, like translation, providing consultancy for international companies, internet has broken the social, teaching and giving online lessons or making online surgical operation that can be watched by many trainees from all over the world. The Syrian Ministry of Education ‘SME’ has produced the Syrian Electronic Schoolbag, which contain the entire accredited education curriculum issued by ‘SME’. In the Syrian Ministry of Education we find that the ministry stated that “The production of this E-Schoolbag comes within the plan of the Ministry of Education in development the curriculum, by the mutual cooperation between the directorate of Informatics and the directorate of curriculum and guidance, whereas this bag included curriculum as eBook (flash) in order to ease the circulation of these books, and its appearance in an electronic form, whereas the computer’s lovers from our students can see it in this shape, especially that we are living in the age of information technology.


Since we are living in the age of information technology, the demand and the need to own and use technology, and the daily contact with new media various applications is increasing day by day, and this matter requires continuous studies on the effects that may occur to various segments in these societies, as a result of misusing these means. The Syrian society is part of the developing countries societies, and what applies to its children can be applied to other societies' children.

Also games companies should be interested in applying the strategy of useful communication, to avoid the passive usage of time, and this can happen by passing on some useful information to children, and not just passing commercial advertisements while playing interactive games, they can provide some useful infotainment to the children imbedded within their games.

Results and Recommendations:

•  Parents bear the primary responsibility in observing they should regulate their children's exposure to new technologies, and focus on using useful applications. 

•  We have only 24 hours per day and dedicating most of the time to a single activity will undoubtedly be at the expense of other activities.

• Attention and care should be taken to reduce as much as possible the use of computer games for a long time, since many studies raise the fact that it has significant side effects on nerves and health, in addition to that they can take away the time allocated for other beneficial activities.

• Parents should be aware to the issue of handing over mobile phones to their children at an early age, as the negative results that may happen from its misuse will be much greater than the positive one.

• There is an urgent need for governments and parent's attention to the new applications of modern technology, especially in the field of education, and to find methods to encourage children to use it in a beneficial way.

• Playing computer games for long hours without making any physical affects will make children dull and inactive.

• Further research into the neurological side effects is recommended.


1- (Rockstar confident GTA 5 will only inspire 19% of players to commit murder/2012)

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key words:  New media, Syrian Children, interactive games, cellphone and children, video gaming.


Dr. Monzer Ali Ahmad, Writer and Researcher in New Media and Communication and (SVU) Lecturer.

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