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Cuba has the right to follow its own developmental path

Virginia Galan works on her lettuce garden in the backyard of her home in Havana, Cuba. Through unity and resilience Cuba not only managed to defeat ongoing attacks by the USA, it also managed to mobilise the whole world into condemning the US aggression, says the writer.

By Reneva Fourie


On July 26 in 1953, Fidel Castro and his comrades laid siege to the Moncada Barracks marking the start of the Cuban revolution, which ultimately overthrew the Batista regime six years later, This laid the basis for the implementation of a more egalitarian social and economic system, called socialism. The full potential of this developmental path has however been significantly undermined by constant interference from the United States of America.

Stealing water

As part of the "starvation until submission" campaign against the Syrian people led by the US occupation and its allies, including the terrorists and the Turkish occupation, the Turkey's regime has closed many water gates to Syria from Turkey, which will limit the Syrian people's access to electricity and running water.

On Wednesday, local sources published on social media "shocking" footage and photos of the Euphrates River in which it is easy to notice a significant drop in water levels of the largest river in the country due to the recent Turkish violation.

US occupation forces in Hasaka countryside trying to abuse children

Locals in Hasaka countryside have complained to Hasaka Police Department that US occupation soldiers are trying to abuse their children by luring them with money in exchange for indecent acts.

Syria Insider facebook page yesterday published a memo issued by the Hasaka Police Command saying that some locals in Tal Hamis town filed a complaint saying that their children informed them that US soldiers at the checkpoints they have built near Harir Bridge in the town, have tried to abuse them while crossing the checkpoints. The soldiers tried to offer the children money for doing immoral acts, but the children fled and threw stones at the soldiers.

Corona Time: Who Opened Pandora’s Box!

It is clear that all humans have become equal before the pandemic of Coronavirus without discrimination as to race, language or creed, and that the newly discovered infectious disease also known as COVID-19 has unexpectedly changed the world.

For the first time, one can unequivocally feel that the world has the same concerns, such as uncertainty about food availability, panic, a shortage of medical staff and equipment, and things we used to take for granted.

Tyler Cowen, an American economist and professor who writes the "Economic Scene" column for The New York Times, said that novel coronavirus could be "a totally formative event that shapes how people see the world."

The Epic of Gilgamesh: Role of Women

Historic overview:

The Epic of Gilgamesh is considered to be one of the greatest masterpieces in world literature. And it is arguably the longest Akkadian cuneiform that has been discovered till this point in time. One can argue that the epics main theme is the fear of death and Gilgamesh’s quest for immortality, and this actually has nothing to do with women, but if one reads between the lines, one will find out that woman are the main reason that the Epic of Gilgamesh ended the way it did. The epic predates Homer’s writing by almost 1500 years! And therefore it stands as the oldest piece of epic in world literature.(Mark 2010). The lack of sources could also be because this epic is really old.

Gilgamesh’s mother is the goddess Ninsun who is the holy mother and the great queen. It is said that Gilgamesh was a Demi God- who was said to have lived an exceptionally long life, records of his reign in the Sumerian king list state that he reigned 126 years. (Mark 2010).It is still unclear weather this historic figure actually existed or not.