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Dear Sir-Madam,


I would like to congratulate you for your sincere efforts to keep the cover of events in the country by risking daily your life. SANA English and Syria Times is truly valuable and provided that constantly under extreme circumstances.

 Here in Greece we monitor the events in Syria closely and nobody supports the Islamic rebels side, after being briefed about the true nature of this guerilla war.

 Unfortunately the western media are trying to saw the rebel ‘’kind’’ side,  but ‘’you tube’’ is the source of their criminal actions and religious fanatism.

 The current government in Syria is the only that can preserve one true progressive state, and protect against a possibility of a Caliphate or a Libya chaos, that those ignorant are asking and screaming in their videos….

 Wishing you the best and beyond all, health for your people and especially to your colleagues.

 Best regards,

 Tsakiropoulos Dimitris

 Athens Greecef



Collaboration to Defeat Terrorism


Syria has asked Washington to engage in military and intelligence collaboration to defeat their mutual enemy Isis, inviting US congressmen and senators to visit Damascus to discuss joint action against the jihadis who threaten both America and the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

According to Robert Fisk, the Independent, it’s an offer that President Barack Obama will have to refuse – but not without some embarrassment. After deciding to bomb the forces of Isis, which calls itself Islamic State, in Syria as well as Iraq, Mr Obama was confronted by Vladimir Putin’s warning that any such unilateral action in Syria would be “an act of aggression”.

The US President will now have to explain yet again why he cannot collaborate against America’s “apocalyptic” enemies with a Syrian regime which he has also sworn to overthrow – even though this regime is fighting exactly the same enemies.


Turkey backs al-Qaeda in Syria: Former US envoy

A former US ambassador to Ankara has accused Turkey of directly supporting al-Qaeda’s terrorist activities in Syria.

Francis Ricciardone, who was the US envoy to Ankara until late June, said that the Turkish authorities thought they could work with extremist groups operating inside Syria and at the same time push them to become more moderate.

According to press tv, this led Ankara to work with the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front, as well as other militant groups, including Ahrar al-Sham.