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Thank you

Thank you for keeping the world updated on what is taking place in Syria.  We pray that God
will bless Syria with a wonderful peace!

Elder Scott Whitten Williams <
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War in Syria

Dear Mr Baschar,i look many Videos on Youtube from War in Syria!
The Rebels,Jabat al Nusra and ISIL ar Terrorist!Gangster ...Faggots..Sorry
but when,the beautiful Syria is under the control of this Scum,God bless then we have the Present!They are Animals and they must be defeated!
A great Country and civilization would be lost!and these threats,on the part of Americans ,make me so angry!Would the Americans on your basic,from Terrorist...
are attacked.Then these would be required with all resources destroy!
I hope You and your Peoples win this War soon!Buy by the Russians, drones and other new super weapons and destroy the convoys and 100 of ISIS usw from a drone
out...Like the Americans!And make the localities of terrorists to the ground!
Russia have new top Technological weapons to do this!
The world muss see,its not only the War against Syria...Its a War against the hole World from the biggest Danger,from the Terrorism!And therefore should all the nations fighting against!
Brave People of Syria,remains steadfast and always thinks!It's about Syria!

God bless Surya and Baschar al Assad

Best Regards from Switzerland from a Swiss man!


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There is a Guardian Angel for everyone you know!!!

Dear President Bashar al-Assad, There is a Guardian Angel for everyone you know!

Thank you for being there for your country. I believe you have been misunderstood in the world and are a true and kind leader for your country. Try to believe in your Guardian Angel’s that watch over you as they will show you how to become a truly Great leader in our time.

Best Wishes for All, Bill Pfohl ,Colorado USA The White Light Guardian Angel Racing Team


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Douglas Fabiano

City of Campinas-SP 16 de Setembro de 2013. 


Dear Ambassador 

By this, I come to express my feelings and support to the people of this nation, because of constant conflicts involving this country. 

On behalf of my family, put our feelings of affection, respect, and brotherhood with Syria, we are in prayers for peace to be established in this ancient country. 

We believe that the internal changes fit the Syrian people to decide and recognize the independence of Syria and its sovereignty as international interventions are illegal and do not justify the forced democracy. 

“Who judges people have no time to love them "

Mother Teresa of Calcutta 

In these Terms

pays Condolences 

Douglas Fabiano de Melo 

Street João Batista Alves da Silva Telles Indianapolis 151-Garden- ZIP: 13050-211 - Campinas-SP- BRAZIL

Phone: 19-9253-6684

Chris McStoots

Hello, my name is Chris McStoots. I wanted to let Bashar al-Assad and the rest of Syria know that most American citizens have no desire to bomb Syria or to try to help the terrorists that are attacking your country. I have no idea why our president, and several congressmen think helping Al-Queda and the Taliban by attacking you is a good thing for America. When it comes right down to it, I believe they have ulterior motives behind their decision. I support Bashar al-Assad and the rest of Syria's citizens in this time of troubles for your country.