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Meaning and Validity of Bilad al-Sham

By: Pablo Sapag

Bilad al-Sham is much more than a mere geographic reference, as western outsiders seem to believe every time they equal what is an ancient rich and comprehensive social, cultural, and political reality with that of the Levant. The latter is indeed a purely physical tag. This misunderstanding is at the core of those western catastrophic cyclic policies towards Bilad al-Sham and beyond. It's also the cause of the systematic failure of their interventionist schemes in what by far transcends a landscape, Pablo Sapag, a Professor at Complutense University of Madrid and author of "Syria in Perspective" said in a recent article published recently by "Al-Mayadeen" website.

Since the time of the crusaders, one after the other, all and each of western attempts to divide and conquer has ended up with the invaders expelled, puzzled and for a long time searching for the causes of their recurrent defeats. An example of this is what happened during the 20th century’s first half, when the French and British plot to dismember Bilad al-Sham according to the Sykes-Picot secret terms ended up shamefully on April 17th, 1946. On that date, the last of the defeated French soldiers evacuated off the core of Bilad al-Sham, nowadays the Syrian Arab Republic. In parallel, the other member of the aspiring terminator duo struggled to impose to the region a Zionist entity that 73 years later is still psychologically insecure and desperately trying to make true the impossible dream of its British putative father. Palestine, the Syrian Golan, and Lebanon are the mirror that every single day reflects a fiasco that cannot be overcome through a wishful thinking so-called “normalization”.

Freedom in danger

By: Costantino Ceoldo

It is now under the eyes of many people, in Italy and in the rest of the world, that the pandemic emergency was and is the ideal pretext for imposing new rules of social control. These rules do not promise anything good but only a slow and progressive strangulation of all the freedoms that the Western world (and not only it) has managed to conquer. Fear of the virus is the tool to facilitate unprecedented social conditioning.

The results are sadly visible in Australia and New Zealand, which have become health hells where the police forces have undergone a disgusting anthropological mutation: from a republic's defence weapon to a health Gestapo.

Northeastern Syria and beyond, between Westphalia and Orwell

Some western states seem to be developing an Orwellian foreign policy condemned to the same failure as that of France, the UK and the US, Pablo Sapag, a Professor at Complutense University of Madrid and author of "Syria in Perspective" said in a recent article published recently by "Al-Mayadeen" website.

Since 1648 states are the most relevant and decisive actors in international relations. The Peace of Westphalia of that that year consecrated such a fundamental principle, subsequently developed in every single clause of international law. The purpose was to consolidate a steady world order. Even those rogue states that have tried to cover their dysfunctionalities in the international arena, especially after the end of the Cold War, by promoting other apparently non-state foreign policy tools, always come back to Westphalia. Some decrepit but not sclerotic former empires and other not yet fully self-assumed new ones – France, the UK and the US - have promoted in their interest aid NGOs, their “civil societies” and other pretended international actors.  However and when needed, they inevitably end up recurring to those consolidated instruments where states, but only states, are called to deal with world issues.

A self-evident example of this is the situation of northeastern Syria. After years of violating, by all means, Syria’s state sovereignty in the area, France, the UK and the US finally seem to start coming to terms with reality. They have recently admitted in the UN Security Council that any “humanitarian” aid and other not so well intentioned materials entering through the Jaroubiya border-crossing with Iraq without the approval of the Syrian state violates international law. During the last decade, the transit point has been used to destabilize Syria, sneaking into the country not just weapons, but fighters with various backgrounds and bad intentions and smuggling out Syria’s petrol, wheat, antiquities and other resources.

Indian advocate to ST: Fraternal Greetings on the successful election held !

Today, Syria Times e-newspaper received the following congratulatory message from Indian advocate Niloufer Bhagwat:

Dear Colleagues ,

 Fraternal Greetings on the successful election held ! Now the task of reconstruction which we discussed at Damascus University  will start in earnest with the guidance and direction of a courageous and wise President .

The people of Syria deserve the best ! I keep you all in my memory and the epic struggle of the Syrian people !

  Warm regards, 

   Niloufer Bhagwat



New media and its effects On Syrian children

Prepared by: Dr. Monzer Ali Ahmad 



   New media technology and its applications has caused various effect and day by day it becomes larger and vaster, its effect is not only restricted on adult people, but it also exceeded this scale to reach to the little children belongs to different generation, in this study we will focus on new media and its different application that takes place by internet like online network video games like the famous game Counter-strike and Grand Theft Auto, GTA, Vice City, which are very popular among the Syrian children, and we will see how these games affected the children, who are the most sensitive elements in society, playing games and having mobile phones for long hours without making any physical affects will make children dull and inactive, and also the children's education will be affected too.