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In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Amer Ahmad Ibrahim

The hero martyr Amer Ahmad Ibrahim was born in the city of Homs on the twenty fifth of June 1986. He joined the Syrian Arab army in fighting terrorists in several Syrian areas
After he had joined fighting alongside the Syrian arab army in Al-Maliha, Jobar, Deir al-Asafir and Ein Tarma in the Damascus countryside, he took part in the battle of Al-Qusayr against the terrorist groups who opened fire at him, killing him.

Amer’s last words were: “Remember me at the moment of Syria’s victory over terrorism.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Mervat Mohammed Sa’eed

Female martyr hero, Mirvat Mohammed Sa’eed, was born in1993in Jableh region, Lattakia Governorate , and she is single and has five sisters.  

After joining the Syrian Arab Army, Mervat received military training and she participated in battles with the Syrian Arab Army against terrorists in areas like Jobar and Daraya in the countryside of Damascus.

One of her comrades said: “When I asked Mervat why she joined the Syrian Arab Army, her answer was that Syria deserves from me as a female to sacrifice myself for the sovereignty and pride of my country Syria”.

Mervat was martyred after she received a treacherous sniper bullet at a Syrian Arab Army checkpoint in the Daraya area in Damascus countryside in 2014.   

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Martyr Ammar Kamal Hamadah

Martyr Ammar Kamal Hamadah was born n in 1987 in the village of Ein al- Kroum, in the city of Hama.

At the beginning of the crisis, Ammar joined the Syrian Arab army to fight terrorist groups in several areas in Syria.

The mother of the martyr said: “Ammar was a brave man; he didn’t fear death. He wished for were sacrifice and victory".

"During the operation of liberating Barzah neighborhood in Damascus countryside, he was shot in his head while he was fighting with the Syrian Arab army. This injury led to his martyrdom "she added.

"Ammar sacrificed himself for the dignity and sovereignty of Syria," she said.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Anas Sulieman Khadra

The hero Anas Sulieman Khadra, was born in Damascus in 1978 in the village of Al-Bahluliya , Lattakia Governorate. He volunteered  in the Syrian Arab Army at an early age and he served in the army for 13 years.

The martyr Anas Suleiman Khadra is one of those heroes who sacrificed themselves in defense of the homeland Syria. Jinan Khadra, the sister of the martyr said: “Two days before his martyrdom he came home on foot through the forests to take food for his comrades because they were under siege imposed by terrorists.

About the last call she said: “ he told me that the siege was being tightened by the terrorists  and he was shot in his foot “

Before his martyrdom he said to me “ Dear sister, this may be my last call”.

He was martyred on  the 5th of may 2011 in  Jisr al-Shughour.He  was courageous and refused to give up .He scarified himself for the dignity of his country Syria .

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Manhal Salama was born on February 24, 1990  in Ma'rin Al-Saleeb village in the city of Misyaf.

He joined the Syrian Arab Army on July 15, 2013 to defend his country, Syria, against terrorist groups. He followed military training then he took part in many battles against terrorists in several Syrian areas. He never hesitated to bravely carry out any task assigned to him, however difficult it was.

Yousef, the brother of the martyr said: “Manhal always repeated the phrase “martyrdom or victory”. On October 21, 2014 he along with his comrades carried out an explosive device attack against a checkpoint for terrorist groups, killing six terrorists in Al-Qaryateen area in Homs countryside. The attack led to his martyrdom on that day.

“We feel that his soul is still among us to teach us noble values and patriotism” he added.