The unveiling of the Martyr, Issam Zahr Al-Din Monument in Sweida

Sweida,(ST) - During a ceremony held in Swedia, commemorating the fourth anniversary of the martyrdom of Issam Zahr Al-Din and  with a large participation of official, popular, religious and military activities, the monument of the hero martyr was unveiled in the town of Al-Kabir in Sweida Governorate.

The monument of Martyr Zahr Al-Din, who rose to prominence on October 18, 2017, while performing his national duty to defend the homeland in the face of terrorist organizations, is located in Deir ez-Zor, next to Damascus- Sweida Road at the northern entrance to As-Suwayda Governorate.

In a speech during the ceremony, General Mahmoud Al-Shawa, Deputy Minister of Defense indicated that the building of the Monument comes as an honor from the  Syrian government  in order to perpetuate martyrdom and honor the greatness of the martyrs who irrigated Syria’s soil  with their pure blood to give life to the future generations.

 A member of the central leadership of the Arab Socialist Baath Party, Yasser Al-Shoufi, stressed that the history of Syria is made by heroes like, the martyr Zahr Al-Din and his companions throughout the squares of the homeland – it is men like them who  write the epics of heroism and real victory.

In the speech of the family of the martyr, his brother, Brigadier General Osama Zahr Al-Din, said that, the edifice that embraces the tomb of the martyr was built upon the directives of the Syrian government to be a symbol of all the martyrs of Syria who irrigated their land with their pure blood.

Raghda Sawas