In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

"Suhaila Al-Ali ( Um Ayman) from Al-Zahraa neighborhood in Homs Governorate, is one of the Syrian women, who lost her five sons for the dignity of the homeland Syria.

She" said : "we were happy and my sons grew up and became courageous men defending their homeland Syria against terrorists ".

Her martyed sons are: Bebars Hassan [was born in 1972], Ashraf, [ born in 1985] . Wael [born in 1976]. Jibran [ born in1988], and Aziz [ born in 1974].

Bebars was married with four children, Aziz was also married and has three children, and Ashraf  was married and has two girls".

"Jibran was almost a bride groom. He was martyred before he got married. Wael was still young, he didn't continue his study and he joined the Syrian army to defend the homeland against terrorist groups" Um Ayman added.

Haitham Hassan, the father of the martyrs said crying :" I pray to God to make me patient after I lost them. I miss them, I feel sadness in my heart.I 'm  proud of them because they sacrificed themselves for the sake of Syria". 

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

The heroic martyr Captain Mirabo Yousef Aqil, one of the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army.

Mirabo Aqil was born in the village of Anaza in the city of Baniyas on the 19th  of January in 1988. He joined the Military Academy and graduated to become a Lieutenant.

The hero was an example of good morals and he was very active and loved his leaders and comrades. In 2012 he fought terrorists in different areas including Duma, Basateen Al-Razi, Al-Qadam, Yalda, Babila al-Hajar al-Aswad, al-Maliha, and many other areas.

On August, 12, 2012 he was martyred when a sniper shot him as he was in a mission with his comrades to fight against terrorists in the city of Al-Tal in Damascus countryside.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Wajdi Adeeb Al-Barbour

Martyr Wajdi Adeeb Al-Barbour, was born in the village of Al-Hawiya in Al-Suwayda city in  1991.

He was martyred when he was performing his national duty while he was fighting terrorists in Damascus countryside in 2014.

Adeeb Al-Barbour, the father of Wajdi said : “I’m proud  of my son and I believe that he is now alive in heaven”.

“ Wajdi was honest and brave. He sacrificed himself for the dignity of his homeland Syria” he added.

 Mayada Al-Barbour, the mother of the martyr, said sadly: We will never forget him he lives in our memories and in our hearts”.

While his brother and sister said that he was tender and loved his family and his country “his soul still remains  among us”. 

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Major Waseem Mihsen Rajab

Date of birth: 1983

Civil Status: single

Date of martyrdom: 30/ 7/ 2013

Martyr Major Waseem Mihsen Rajab was born in the village of Al-Mqarmada in the countryside of Tartous.  He joined the Syrian Arab Army in fighting against terrorists in different Syrian areas.

The family of the martyr said: “Martyr Waseem was tight-lipped about his work, brave, and loved his family and country Syria”.

“While he was carrying out an operation in Damascus Ghouta, terrorists targeted the helicopter in which he was in with his comrades causing the martyrdom of the entire crew”.

Nada Haj Khider

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Basel Hasan Sakr
The hero martyr Basel Hasan Sakr was born in Mysiaf city in Hama governorate on July 1980. He was married with four children.
Basel joined the Syrian Arab army and fought against terrorists in different Syrian areas until he was shot dead in Adra in Damascus countryside in 9/8/2013.
During his last visit to his house, he told his wife and children that "Martyrdom is an everlasting friend"." Martyrdom is our path to our victory," he added
Sakr's father said": I am proud of my son who sacrificed himself for the sovereignty of his country Syria ".