In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Muhannad Salman Naser

Date of Birth: 1989

Date of martyrdom: 22/4/2014

Muhannad was martyred when he was performing his national duty in fighting terrorist groups.

The mother of the martyr, said: “I miss him so much. Muhannad was very tender. He was indeed a brave fighter and a hero. Since his childhood he succeeded in everything he did. He was an example of goodness and honesty.

“Thank God, martyrdom was his fate, he died for the dignity and the honor of our country” the bereaved mother added.

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Ammar Atta Al-Shibli

Date of birth: 1991

Date of Martyrdom: 16/11/2013

Ammar was martyred when he was performing his national duty in fighting terrorist groups in the city of Deir al-Zor. The mother of the martyr said that his aim was to preserve the dignity and pride of our country. “We miss him as he was an example of bravery and heroism,” she said, stressing that martyrs are alive in heaven.


“Masters of Victory” A Poster by the Artist Al-Maghrebi Marking Martyrs’ Day

Syria observes Martyrs’ Day on the 6th of May annually to salute the martyred soldiers who sacrificed  their lives defending the sovereignty  and independence of their country.

Commemorating this glorious occasion , the plastic artist Faten El Maghrebi   has  designed a poster  in honor of the martyrs who sacrificed  their lives for the sake of the dignity of the homeland.

The poster entitled "Masters of Victory" contains a model for the martyrs’  monument  consisting of a visible part showcasing  a dome  which  symbolizes  the sky with all its meanings of highness and elevation and the helmet of the fighter.  The invisible  part  of the model martyr’s monument  includes two layers of arches which the artist  al-Maghrebi  derived from the Arab Islamic arches and pictures of four Soldiers  who symbolize the valiant Syrian army. The right corner of the poster comprises  a picture of a soldier holding  the homeland’s flag .

Martyr Day- On Victory Path- Syrian Martyrs Writing a New History

Having confronted the new invaders and aggressors, Syrian martyrs wrote a new history.

“Martyrs are the most generous on earth and the noblest of all humanity”

is a saying that epitomizes the glory of the concept of martyrdom, summing up possibly what pride and dignity mean, as the martyrs’sacrifices amount to being sacred and holy. 

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Muhammad Saleh Nasr


Date of birth: 1992


Date of martyrdom: 5/5/2013

He was martyred on 5/5/2013 when he was performing his national duty against armed terrorist groups. He scarified himself for the dignity and stability of his homeland Syria. The mother of the martyr believes that Muhammad is still alive in heaven "God bless his soul and the souls of all martyrs in Syria, we miss him" she said