In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Rami Ihsan al-Ashoush

Date of Birth: 1981

Date of Martyrdom: 6 / 4 / 2013

Civil Status: Single

Rami was martyred when fighting terrorist groups in Damascus countryside. Eman al-Ashoush, the martyr's mother, said: since his childhood Rami was polite and friendly." His death is cruel and painful for us".

Kholud al-Ashoush, Rami's sister said:" Rami was kind and courageous, we miss him so much".   


In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Muhab Wadee Ghanem

Date of Birth: 1992

Date of Martyrdom: 18/11/2016

Civil Status: Single

Muhab was martyred while he was fighting terrorist groups in the city of Damascus. Mrs. Dalal Ghanem, the martyr's mother, said:"Muhab was honest and noble. He loved his homeland and performed his duty in defending his country. He died, but left for us diginity ".

Ehab, brother of Muhab , said: " the departure of  martyr Muhab is cruel because he was our supporter. He left an empty space in our hearts and we miss him too much .His soul will remain among us and it will be eternal in heaven".


In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Major Rafe'  Wajeh Al-shelli

Born in  Hama - Ain al-Krum 1987

Married and has a boy and a girl

He fought against terrorist groups in various Syrian regions and achieved many victories with his comrades in arms until he was injured in his jaw.

After two years of treatment, he returned to the battlefield to fight against terrorists. His last battle was in Ain Tarma on August 2017.

"We all understand  martyrdom, but the separation is difficult"

These were last words that Rafe' said before his martyrdom.


Lama Razzouk

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes


Badr fawzi Khattar

Date of Birth: 1995

Date of martyrdom: 2 /5 / 2016

Civil Status: Single

Fawzi was martyred while he was fighting terrorist groups in the city of Aleppo. Heila- Zein al-Din, the martyr’s mother, said:"Badr was honest and sincere. He died but his soul is immortal in heaven and still live in our memories”.


In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Captain Muammar Najdo al-Matni

Date of Birth: 1990

Date of martyrdom: 4/8/2016

Civil Status: married







Captain Imran Najdo al-Matni

Date of Birth: 1991

Date of martyrdom: 26/11/2016

Civil Status: Single

The two brothers were martyred while they were fighting terrorist groups. Safaa and Rifaa , the martyrs' sisters, said :" the death of our brothers was so painful, they were noble and courageous men. Their spirits are still alive among us".