A Syrian engineer creates a wind turbine for energy production and investment in heating

Suwayda, ST- A young engineer from Suwayda governorate creates a wind turbine with a height exceeding three meters to produce energy and invest it directly in heating, which confirms the Syrians ability of creativity and innovation.

Engineer Diaa Al-Abdullah, 30 years old, explains to SANA correspondent that his main motive for this innovation was to face the lack of energy resources and the effects of the crisis that resulted in long hours of electric rationing and large costs during the winter for heating in addition to supporting the work of searching for clean and free energy sources.


Abdullah explains that he based his innovation on the great availability of wind in the winter season where he was able to connect between the turbine and heater which was specially designed for this purpose through ordinary copper electrical wires.

The turbine that Abdullah placed on the roof of his house in his  town of Salim in the countryside of al-Suwayda is of a vertical type and is safe to use and work without noise in a way that pulls  air. The production of this turbine reaches 800 watts per hour, which is compatible with the nature of the region and the strength of the wind in it.

Al-Abdullah pointed out that he used two materials to design the turbine: aluminum for the wings and steel iron for the columns. He  also  painted  it to protect it  from weather conditions,  in addition to the installation of a  device to protect it from the thunderbolt ,  all of this  based on scientific  studies.

According to Abdullah, the turbine can be used to supply the house with electricity after adding some electronic circuits with the possibility of linking it also to solar energy devices when solar radiation is low in the winter, to heat the water.

Engineer Abdullah graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in the University of Damascus in 2013 and he currently works in the General Electricity Company and hopes to support his innovation and put it in the service in the country. It is noteworthy that this invention took about six months.