Syrian engineer participates in the Golden Trizzini awards for Architecture and Design

Syrian expatriate Eng. Kosai Abohala participates in  the fourth international awards for architecture and design  “Golden Trizzini” for the year 2021 upon an invitation from the activity’s administration after the spread of his designs via social media.  
Eng. Abohala, who is living in Nigeria, told the Syrian News Agency (SANA) that the winners of the awards will be selected by two committees depending on e-voting that will end on the 3rd of October.  

Lebanese General Security announces resumption of work at border posts with Syria

Beirut, (ST) - The General Directorate of General Security in Lebanon announced the resumption of work at the Al-Arida and Al-Baqei'a border posts with Syria.

The directorate said in a statement on Wednesday that “it is important for us to inform the travelers that work will be resumed at the Al-Arida and Al-Baqia border posts, and the movement of entry and exit through them will be resumed after the return of Ogero call centers to work.”

The statement indicated that the Al-Aboudiea border center will remain suspended due to a network malfunction, which the directorate is working on in coordination with the Ogero Authority to fix.

Raghda Sawas

Syrian community held cultural event in Kiev

The Syrian community in Ukraine held a cultural event in Kiev on the occasion of the 76th anniversary of the foundation of the Syrian Arab Army.
The cultural event, which was sponsored by the Syrian Honorary Consulate in Ukraine, included the broadcast of the first show of the Syrian documentary film “Above the Earth” directed by Sumer Afif Agha, in addition to a collective exhibition of a group of Syrian  artists.

The Syrian expatriates in Russia and the CIS renew their support for their country and their army

On August 1st, The Syrian community in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States renewed their support for their homeland and their army in the face of the conspiracy and aggression against Syria. 
The members of the community said in a statement on the occasion of the anniversary of the foundation of the Syrian Arab Army: “We celebrate this anniversary at a time when the blood of the martyrs who faced global terrorism baptized our pure land, and our people continue their steadfastness and our heroic Syrian Arab Army offers tremendous sacrifices with the support of allies and friends to liberate the land.” 

Syrian students in Russia: President Al-Assad's speech establishes the stage of rebuilding

Syrian students studying in Russia stressed the importance of President Bashar Al-Assad's speech after taking the constitutional oath. 
Muhammad Ghaleb Omran, a doctoral student in law, said:  “We, the young generation, consider the president’s speech as a compass for us to work for the next stage for the rebuilding of Syria.”