Syrian Communities and Students Worldwide Call for Lifting Brutal Economic Siege on Syria

 CAPITALS, (ST)-Under the slogan "Lift the Brutal Siege on Syria", the Branches of the National Union of Syrian Students and the Syrian communities in the world on Saturday staged sit-ins in front of the headquarters of the European Union diplomatic missions in several capitals of the world to protest the siege imposed on Syria.

The sit-ins were held in Austria, Egypt, India, Russia, Cuba, Algeria, Spain, Malyazia, Lebanon, Belgium, Sudan, Slovakia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Tunisia, Germany and Poland.

The sit-inners called for putting an end to the economic blockade unjustly imposed on Syria.

 They expressed their rejection to all forms of siege and coercive economic measures against Syria  and condemned sending terrorists to Syria to carry out the aggressive and expansionist  schemes of their masters. They noted the Syrian state's efforts as to alleviate the suffering of citizens because of the crimes and inhuman acts committed by the terrorist organizations.

The protesters affirmed that the Syrian people won't concede its national principles whatsoever, pointing out that the western countries' interference in Syria's internal and economic affairs  and the economic siege on the Syrians are nothing but one of the arts of war which are more dangerous than the terrorist organizations activities.

They asserted that Syria will continue to be steadfast and will triumph over the conspiracies, calling on the international community to support Syria in confrontation of international terrorism  and to spare no effort as end  the brutal economic blockade imposed on Syria.

The sit-inners hailed the victories being achieved by the Syrian army in the fight against terrorism, stressing that these victories didn't please Syria's enemies so they provided all forms of support for the terrorist groups, including financial, military and media support.  

They stressed that the unilateral coercive economic measures imposed by European countries on Syria are far from human behavior and theyr contradict the rules of international law and the UN principles.

Some Russian students also joined the sit-in in Russia and voiced solidarity with their Syrian colleagues and announces their rejection to the western policies of imposing sanctions on the Syrian people who have been fighting international terrorism for eight years.

They  asserted that the continuity of these brutal sanctions means the continuity of supporting terrorism as to prolong the suffering of Syria's children and people.  

Hamda Mustafa