Syrians in Cuba commemorate the October Liberation War

Havana, (ST)- The  Syrian  Embassy in Cuba in cooperation with the Cuban branch of the National Union of Syrian Students and members of the Syrian community commemorated the 46th anniversary of the glorious October of  Liberation.

Participants stressed during the event, held at the Syrian housing residence in the capital Havana, that the October Liberation War was a turning point in our nation history where it moved from the time of defeats to the time of victories, praising the achievements of the Syrian Arab Army in its war on terrorism and its supporters.


The Chief of Staff of the Civil Defense in the Cuban Armed Forces, General Ramon Pardo Guerra, praised the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army against terrorism, stressing his full confidence that Syria's victory over terrorism will completely be realized in the near future.

In turn, the political guide of the Cuban forces that participated in the October Liberation War, Colonel Pedro Annibal, noted that he proudly remembered his participation alongside the Syrian Arab Army in the battles of honor and heroism in the October liberation war, wishing victory for the comrades of arms in the Syrian Arab Army.

For his part, Syrian Ambassador to Cuba Dr. Idris Mia said in a speech that the "October Liberation War marked an important turning point in the history of the Arab-Zionist conflict in which the Syrian soldiers  smashed the myth of the “invincible” Israeli occupation army. Mia also noted  that our Syrian Army  is  still realizing  victories in its war against terrorism  for more than eight years .