The Syrian Embassy in Havana commemorated the Syrian Caribbean Day

The Syrian Embassy in the Republic of Cuba held an event entitled "Syrian Caribbean Day" during which it presented a documentary film showcasing the true face of Syria and its civilization.

The film reviewed the state of harmony among the spectrums of Syrian society and their common civilization and what Syria has provided to humanity in all walks of life.

The film also pointed to the failure of the conspiracy and terrorist war against Syria for more than eight years in dissuading  it from continuing its civilisational role and fighting terrorism thanks to the sacrifices of the Syrian army.

The event was held in the presence of ambassadors and heads of missions of Caribbean countries accredited to Cuba.

During the event, Syrian Ambassador to Cuba Dr. Idris Mia gave a presentation on the latest developments in Syria and the Turkish aggression, stressing that it represents a blatant invasion of Syrian territory and a flagrant violation of the UN Security Council resolutions which affirm the independence, unity and sovereignty of Syria and its right to resist this invasion by all available legitimate means.

"Defending  Syria and its people and the protection of its borders are  an exclusive right of the Syrian Arab Army" , Ambassador Mia said during the event,  recalling that Syria had called for the withdrawal of all foreign forces entering Syria illegally without request from its legitimate government.

The Ambassador Mia touched on the continuous achievements and victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army against terrorist organizations, reaffirming the determination of Syria's leadership, army and people to pursue and combat terrorism wherever it is in Syria and liberate every inch of its soil.

Ambassador Mia highlighted the efforts of the Syrian government in ensuring humanitarian access to all areas and cities in the country and stressed that all Syrian displaced people are welcome in their homeland.

In turn, the ambassadors renewed their countries' refusal to interfere in Syria's internal affairs and called for respecting their independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, stressing the importance of strengthening relations between their countries and Syria in all fields.

The Ambassadors highlighted the importance of this event in which they receive important information about the reality in Syria, in contrast to the image which was reported by media.

In an interview with SANA's correspondent in Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago's Ambassador to Havana, Lancelot Coy, said: “Every country has the right to defend its territory and sovereignty”, denouncing the Turkish regime's aggression on Syrian territory and expressing solidarity with Syria in its fight against terrorism.

In a similar interview, Surinam Ambassador Edgar Armakito reiterated his country’s condemnation of all forms of terrorism, saying: "Any aggression against Syria or any other country is unacceptable and inhumane".

He added that Syria is doing its best to fight terrorism and show the world the truth about what is happening on its territory, expressing confidence that Syria will eliminate terrorism.

In another interview, the Ambassador of Saint Cristobal and Nevis, Verna Mills, warned that terrorism poses a danger to the whole world, calling on all countries to unite to combat this danger. She pointed out that the resolution of differences can only be through the dialogue table.

For his part, Guyana's Ambassador to Cuba, Halim Majeed, assured that no country has the right to attack or interfere in the internal affairs of another country. He voiced his country’s condemnation of terrorism in all its forms.

While Grenada's Ambassador to Cuba, Clary Charles, expressed the rejection of any aggression or terrorism by any Caribbean country, stressing that each country has the right to determine its future and preserve its heritage and culture as well as to choose its government.

Inas Abdulkareem