Syrian community in Hungary condemns the crimes of the American and Turkish occupation

 The Syrian community in Hungary today underlined their commitment to stand by their homeland in the war on terrorism and in facing conspiracies and challenges.

 In a statement on the occasion of the 49th anniversary of the Correctionist Movement, members of the community said that “the events that Syria has gone through underline the importance of adhering to the correctionist movement's choice, working to develop and modernize the society, addressing gaps, overcoming difficulties and keeping on the process of correction and modernization in accordance with a clear methodology.

The statement stressed on adopting a scientific thought to get out of the crisis through the national dialogue among the people of Syria.


 The statement condemned the terrorist crimes perpetrated by the US and Turkish occupiers which target the Syrian people, stressing that these terrorist crimes will only increase the Syrians' determination to stand by their heroic army and exert further efforts to shoulder their responsibilities in order to protect their land and resume rebuilding process and fighting terrorism.

 Inas Abdulkareem