Syrian expatriates visit the headquarters of a number of missions to the United Nations in New York

New York, ST- A group of Syrian expatriates in the United States and Canada visited the permanent missions of Russia, China, Iran, the Niger, and the St. Vincent Republic, in the United Nations in New York.

The  Syrian expatriates called on an  end to the occupation forces' presence in parts of the Syrian territories , and to lift the unilateral economic coercive measures imposed on Syrian people, in addition to facilitating  the return of the displaced  as a result of terrorism. They also stressed the need  not to politicize the issue of humanitarian aid.


During their visits to the headquarters of the mentioned missions, the expatriates called on supporting  the Syrians in the process of rebuilding what was destroyed by terrorism, stressing that only the Syrian people determine the future of their country without any external interference.

After that, the Syrian expatriates visited the headquarters of the Permanent Mission of Syria to the United Nations in New York, expressing their appreciation for the efforts exerted  within the corridors of the United Nations during the years of the war on Syria.