Syrian students in Cuba reaffirm their support for their motherland

The Syrian students studying in Cuban universities reaffirmed their support for the army, people and leadership of their country, stressing that the Syrian martyrs will always represent  the icon of determination and commitment.

In a statement to the Cuban branch of the National Union of Syrian Students on the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of the Syrian Arab Student's Day, the students underlined their insistence on more diligence in acquiring science and knowledge as the only way to enhance the status and immunity of their country and achieve the aspirations of Syrian people towards progress and prosperity and then return to their country to complete their role in the process of building and confronting its enemies, foremost among them is the Wahhabi Takfiri thought and terrorism.

The students expressed their pride in the heroism of their army, which fights global terrorism in various Syrian regions, indicating that they derive from it their steadfastness and their determination to succeed.


 Inas Abdulkareem