Syrian community in Spain calls for lifting the economic siege imposed on Syria

MADRID, (ST)- The Syrian community in Spain has condemned the unilateral coercive economic measures imposed by the United States and some European countries on Syria and urged immediate lifting of these unfair measures.

Archbishop Nicholas Matti Abdulahad of the Syriac Orthodox Church in Spain, called on the United Nations, the international community and human rights organizations to act so as to put an end to the unfair American and European sanctions imposed on Syria. He made it clear that the Syrian people are currently confronting the spread of coronavirus after nine years of war against terrorist organizations that have been backed by the same forces imposing these sanctions.

 Haitham al-Dabet, a Syrian doctor resident in the Spanish Segovia province, stressed that the siege imposed by Washington and its European allies on Syria is illegal and is considered as a crime against humanity as it violates all human rights norms.

Firas Hammami, another Syrian doctor living in Madrid, condemned the American blockade imposed on Syria, describing it as criminal behavior that has nothing to do with human values.

He called for lifting the immoral economic sanctions which have worsened the suffering of the Syrian people.

Manuel Sarkis, also a Syrian doctor living in Bacelona, reiterated that the sanctions imposed on Syria constitute one of the chapters of the US-Zionist conspiracy which has been hatched against the Syrian people over more than nine years during which the Syrians have suffered from terrorism and systematic destruction.

Mohammad Sweiqat, a Syrian studying Masters in Dentistry at the University of Valencia, said that it is illogical to solve crises through igniting other crises. He called, on behalf of all the Syrian students in Spain, for lifting all forms of economic siege imposed Syria particularly under the current circumstances created by the spread of coronavirus worldwide.

Hamda Mustafa