Syrian expatriates in Russia renew their support for their country, Syria

Moscow, (ST) - The Syrian expatriate community in the Russia, with all its political, social, cultural and student spectra, renewed its support for its mother country, Syria, in the face of all the aggression and terrorist war against it.

The community said in a statement to SANA on the occasion of the Martyrs' Day, that “In the light of these difficult days that our country is going through as it grapples with global terrorism financed regionally and internationally, our community in Russia renews the pledge of loyalty to the mother country, Syria and to the steadfast and generous people.

The community members pointed out the enormous sacrifices made by the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian people in the face of external aggressions and terrorism.

Sheikh Salman Antir, head of national activities in the occupied Palestinian territories, affirmed in a statement to SANA that what Syria faces from pressure and terrorist war, comes as a result of its victories  on terrorism. This terrorism which tried to change the original Syrian principles based on sovereignty and non-subordination to hateful colonialism.

Antir condemned the desire of some Arab regimes towards normalization with the Zionist entity at a time when this entity violates international conventions, especially our people's rights in the occupied Syrian Golan and the Palestinian territories.

Raghda Sawas