Syrian expats in Pennsylvania: “Caesar’s Act” is an economic war and a form of political racism

Pennsylvania-Washington,(ST)-The members of the Syrian community in the US state of Pennsylvania,and with the participation of a number of American people condemned during a protest stand, in front of the federal building in the city of Allentown, the so-called Caesar Act, which constitutes an economic war and a form of political racism.
The participants who raised the national syrian flags demanded an end to the economic war on Syria that has increased the suffering of syrian people, expressing their stand and solidarity with their motherland in the face of the most formidable wars carried out  by America and their rejection of unjust and coercive measures imposed by a number of Western countries on the Syrian people.
A number of  American people who participated in  the protest stand stressed their rejection of their country's policy towards Syria, which contributes to increasing the suffering of its people.
Aziz Wehbe, president of the Syrian-American Society of Architecture, denounced during the speech on behalf of the participants of the stand the policy of pressure and sanctions pursued by the American administration towards Syria, considering that it is a form of global political racism that was recently embodied in what is called the Caesar Act aimed at stifling the Syrian people in parallel with the looting of his country's goods openly through oil theft.
Wehbe said, “The American administration commits a crime against one of the most loving and peaceful peoples on earth, the Syrian people who hosted on their land and in their homes most of the peoples of neighboring countries.” Pointing out that the American policy of blockading the Syrian people economically will clarify America’s reality before public opinion as unjust .
 Haifaa Mafalani