The Syrian-American community in a message to Trump: Sanctions against the Syrian people are a war crime and a form of racism

Washington,(ST)-In a letter to US President Donald Trump, members of the Syrian American community in the United States stressed that Washington is committing a war crime against the Syrian people by imposing sanctions and the so-called “Caesar’s Act”, which constitutes a form of racism and must be lifted immediately.

"We stand with our people in Syria who are confronting the most brutal kind of war, the economic war which is being led by the American government," said the letter sent by the president of the Syrian American Architecture Society in the United States, Aziz Wehbe, in the name of the community, during a protest stand against sanctions in Pennsylvania yesterday.

The letter indicated that the United States, through its occupying forces in Syria, is economically restricting the Syrian people by looting their goods openly, stealing their oil, and burning its wheat fields.

The members of the Syrian community in the US state of Pennsylvania, during a protest stand yesterday, condemned the participation of a number of American solidarity in front of the federal building in the city of Allen, with what is called "Caesar's Act", which was shown to be an economic war and a form of political racism.


Haifaa Mafalani