Syrian students in Cuba: US coercive measures are a crime against humanity

Havana (ST): Syrian students studying at Cuban universities and members of the Syrian community in Cuba have denounced the US unilateral coercive measures which target the Syrian people, stressing that these measures are considered a flagrant violation of the international law and conventions and a blatant violation of human rights.

In a statement, the students and members of the community said that these unfair measures came within the framework of the terrorist war to which Syria has been subjected to for more than nine years.

The statement affirmed that the US administration, which failed to achieve its sinister objectives through terrorist war, is trying now to achieve them through economic terrorism that targets the Syrian people's livelihood.


The students demanded an immediate lift of the sanctions which are considered a crime against humanity, noting that Syria, throughout history, has always been able to defeat all forms of aggression and colonialism.