Syrian expatriates in Canada condemn (Caesar Act) which is contrary to international law

A number of members of the Syrian community in Canada held a protest in front of the embassy building in the capital Ottawa, demanding the lifting of unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria.

Participants condemned the so –called (Caesar Act) which is contrary to

International law and human rights and targets the Syrian people.

Participants in the vigil emphasized their support for their homeland in the face of terrorism, aggression, the unjust siege and their pride in the steadfastness of the people, army and leadership of Syria, emphasizing the sacrifices of the Syrian army which were made for the sake of the Syria’ unity and in defense of its independent national decision.


They pointed out that they are confident of the complete victory over terrorism, aggression and the siege will end and the process of the rebuilding that has been destroyed by terrorism will continue.

The protesters also demanded the immediate exit of the American occupation forces from Syrian territories.

Sanaa Hasan