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A Syrian expatriate wins an educational Oscar in Dubai

The Syrian expatriate,  journalist Muhammad Issam Maho won the Dubai International Award for Human Resources Development, the educational Oscar, for the most popular educational video, titled (I am the creation of my mother), with more than 15 million views.

In a statement to SANA, Maho said:  “What makes me happy with this award is the presence of the name of my country, Syria, among the six countries whose sons won the educational Oscar. I can not imagine seeing such a scientific demonstration without the name of the country of civilization and the first alphabet. I hope that my victory will give many young people hope to overcome the ordeal of our country and to strive to reach the highest scientific and global ranks.

"We may not have the advanced technology found in some countries, but we do have strong minds capable of creativity and innovation," he added.

Syrian creativity was present in this award through the participation of five creative Syrian personalities in various fields.

In the category (A person who will remain alive in minds and whom we lost in 2020) the late historian Dr. Suhail Zakkar and the artist, director Hatem Ali were nominated for it. They fulfilled the requirements  in this category in terms of the moral symbolism they possess that revives in people the principles of loyalty and imitation.

It is noteworthy that the competition is organized by the Center for Human Resources Development in Dubai in cooperation with the Federation of Arab Journalists and Inventors and a number of Arab and foreign universities and scientific and research centers.

The award specified the conditions for accepting videos to participate in it:  To be published from the page of its owner or an institution affiliated with him, to have more than a million followers on the social media in which he published, and to achieve an apparent scientific benefit.

Inas Abdulkareem