Syrian community in Sweden calls on European countries to lift the unfair and coercive economic measures imposed on Syria

Stockholm (ST): The members of the Syrian community in Sweden have called on European countries to lift the unjust and coercive economic measures they impose on the Syrian people and to reconsider their policies towards Syria, including the restoration of diplomatic relations with it.

In a letter they sent to the Swedish Parliament, the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, various Swedish parties, the European Union mission in Stockholm, a number of Swedish representatives in the European Parliament, and humanitarian organizations and churches in Sweden and Europe, the letter senders said that the Syrian people are facing a humanitarian disaster that threatens the lives of millions of their children who are under siege, a stifling economic and terrorist war and illegal foreign interventions, in addition to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, which health authorities find it difficult to address due to the blockade, preventing the import of necessary vaccines, and preventing Syrian banks from financing the import of food and medical equipment.

The members of the community in Sweden stressed that the continued economic blockade on Syria and the coercive measures in violation of international law increase the difficulties for the Syrian people who have been suffering from the scourge of the terrorist war that has been going on for more than ten years, pointing out that the goal of this war is to confiscate the independent Syrian decision and deny the Syrians their natural right to security, stability and prosperity.