Syrian students in India call for lifting the unfair western coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people

The branch of the General Union of Syrian Students in India sent three letters to the UN office, the European Union’s mission and the Embassy of the Vatican in India, in which it called for lifting the unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria by the European Union and the United States as these sanctions threaten the future of the Syrian people, exacerbate their suffering, prevent them from securing their daily basic needs and cause an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

“These unfair coercive measures came in the light of a global terrorist war that has been waged on Syria for more than ten years targeting the Syrian State’s capabilities, infrastructure and institutions, in the light of the outbreak of the Corona pandemic that threatens humanity,” the union said.

It stressed that these unilateral coercive measures have harmed the Syrian citizens’ livelihood and increased their suffering, calling for lifting them immediately.  

 Hamda Mustafa