Syrian Academics and Students in Iranian universities reaffirm the Syrian people's right to choose their leadership

The branch of the National Union of Syrian Students in Iran sent letters addressing the UN Chief Antonio Guterres, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and Pope Francis. The letters, sent on behalf of the Syrian academics and students in Iranian universities, stressed the right of the Syrian people to choose their leadership and decide the future of their country without foreign interference in accordance with the UN Charter and the principles of the international law.

The letters emphasized the need to respect Syria's national sovereignty and territorial integrity and called for lifting the unilateral western coercive measures and economic blockade imposed on the Syrian people.

 The letters pointed out that the Syrian people are suffering from an unprecedented unfair siege imposed on them by the United States and European countries with the aim of starving them, stressing that this siege impedes the Syrians' access to food, medicine and all basic requirements of life, particularly in the light of the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

The letters also called for speeding up the reconstruction process in Syria and facilitating the return of the Syrian refugees to their homeland, pointing out that the Syrian state has secured all requirements for the safe and voluntary return of the refugees. They also urged launching a constructive dialogue with the legitimate Syrian government based on respect, cooperation and good will with the aim of eliminating terrorism and achieving security and stability in the region.

In its letter to Pope Francis, the union of Syrian students in Iran called on the pope to urge the western countries to immediately lift all forms of sanctions and economic blockade to end the suffering of the Syrians and help their live normally and rebuild their country.

Hamda Mustafa