Syrian students in France demand the lifting of the unilateral measures imposed on Syria

Paris (ST): The branch of the National Union of Syrian Students in France, the Union of Syrian Patriots, and the French-Syrian Solidarity and Aid Society in Marseille called for lifting the unilateral Western coercive measures imposed on Syria.

In letters addressed to the papal embassy in Paris and the representative of the European Union in France and the United Nations office in Geneva, they emphasized that these measures are unfair and inhuman, contradict the universal recommendations for human rights and the United Nations Charter, deprive Syrians of meeting their living needs and severely hinder the reconstruction of the country as well as greatly obstruct the efforts being exerted to confront the Corona pandemic.

They stressed that the Syrian people fought a war against terrorism on behalf of the entire world, and yet they found themselves facing huge and tragic economic measures imposed on them and prolong their suffering.

They explained that this terrorist war had destroyed the infrastructure and caused the displacement of a large number of Syrians from their areas, as well as the theft of the country's resources.

They emphasized that these coercive measures represent collective punishment for the Syrian people and must be lifted to end their suffering.