Syrian students in Slovakia renew their stand with their homeland in the face of conspiracies

Bratislava (ST): Syrian students studying in Slovakia have renewed their stand with their homeland in the face of the challenges and plots it is exposed to, stressing at the same time that the martyrs who shed their pure blood on the soil of the homeland constitute a lighthouse illuminating the path of freedom for future generations.

A statement by the National Union of Syrian Students in Slovakia on the occasion of Martyrs' Day stated that the martyrs are a beacon to guide the Syrians to the path of victory, stressing that the will of martyrdom is still going on in our present generations and it is a source of pride that has made us achieve  victory over French colonialism, terrorism and conspiracies, and opens us up horizons of victory in the coming stage. 

The students also referred to the heroic and courageous sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army in defending their homeland, stressing that the convoys of martyrs are going on the path of preserving Syria's sovereignty and unity and achieving victory over terrorism.