“From Egypt to Al-Sham” initiative held in Cairo in support for presidential elections in Syria

The Egyptian-Syrian Friendship Society held in Cairo an initiative titled “From Egypt to Al-Sham” in support for the forthcoming presidential elections in Syria.

Syrian businessmen and citizens as well as a number of Egyptian businessmen and artists took part in this event.

Talal Attar, Secretary-General of the Egyptian-Syrian Friendship Society, Member of the Board of Directors of the Syrian Community in Egypt, said in a statement to journalists that the Syrian community in Egypt is large and effective, and it is a vivid example of the Syrians’ ability to have a positive impact in the social, economic and scientific life of their countries of expatriation.

He added that the Syrian community in Egypt believes that its wide participation in the presidential elections is part of its role in rebuilding Syria and alleviating the impacts of the heinous war waged against it.

 “Many Egyptian businessmen and businesswomen, artists and actresses, who represent the broadest segment of the Egyptian people, support Syria’s progress towards victory and reconstruction and stand by the Syrian army, leadership and people. They have played a major role in holding this event and making it a success,” Attar clarified.

Hamda Mustafa