Ambassador Abdel Karim: Preparations for the presidential elections completed at the embassy in Beirut

Beirut, (ST) - The Syrian ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdel Karim affirmed on Wednesday that, the preparations for the presidential elections have been completed at the headquarters of the Syrian Embassy in Beirut for Syrians residing in Lebanon to cast their votes in the presidential elections scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday.

Ambassador Abdul Karim said during a press conference held at the embassy’s headquarters on Wednesday, “the technical and logistical equipment that we installed at the embassy allows us to overcome the obstacles that occurred in the previous elections in 2014 and we are working to avoid any gaps that may arise during these elections.

Ambassador Abdul Karim said that, Syria calls on all of its citizens residing in Lebanon to participate in the elections, and hoping appreciates the Syrians who attended in 2014 in large numbers will repeat the scene will be repeated on May 20, 2021.

Ambassador Ali Abdel Karim stressed the importance of cooperating with the Lebanese security services and those concerned in the Lebanese Army Command, the Ministry of Interior and the media to make the presidential elections a success. He added that, we all hope for the Syrians to return to their safe home, and the embassy is ready to hear any proposal and address any complaint.

Raghda Sawas