Syrians abroad start voting for election of President of Syrian Arab Republic

Today, Syrians abroad started the voting for the presidential elections in a number of Syrian embassies, missions and consulates around the world, as Syrians headed to voting with the first moments of opening the ballot boxes.

In Bahrain, Kuwait, the Sultanate of Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Iraq, the resident Syrian citizens began to cast their votes in the presidential elections of the Syrian Arab Republic at the headquarters of the Syrian embassies there, which opened their doors since 7 am this morning, local time for each country.


The Syrians residing in Iran began to vote in the elections for the presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic, with the opening of the ballot boxes at the Syrian embassy in Tehran since seven o'clock local time.

The consulate in Sydney and its office in Melbourne opened their doors to Syrians residing in Australia to participate in the presidential elections.

Syrians headed to the headquarters of the Syrian Embassy in Russia to perform their duty and exercise their electoral right.

Syrian citizens residing in Belarus, Cyprus, the Czech Republic and Armenia also began to vote in the elections for the presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Syrian expatriates in Sweden, Belgium and Malaysia began heading to the headquarters of the Syrian embassy to participate in the presidential elections.

The Syrian embassies in Tokyo, Beijing, Jakarta, New Delhi and Islamabad also opened ballot boxes for Syrians residing there to vote in the election of the President of the Republic.

The Syrian embassies indicated that the voters show remarkable discipline and adhere to precautionary measures to avoid infection with the Corona epidemic, and they implement the instructions for spatial distancing, wearing masks, and avoiding crowding and jostling in front of the ballot box.

Syrian citizens abroad have proven through their participation in the presidential elections that the Syrian people are the only ones entitled to decide the future of their country and that no pressure can discourage their resolve in expressing their will.

Inas Abdulkareem