Syrian embassies abroad celebrate Al-Assad's victory in presidential elections

Syrian embassies, diplomatic missions and communities in many countries of the world held celebrations to mark the success of the presidential elections and the victory of Dr. Bashar Al-Assad as President of the Republic.

In their speeches during the celebrations, the ambassadors and heads of diplomatic missions stressed that Dr. Bashar Al-Assad's victory in the presidential elections expresses the victory of the will of the Arab people in Syria, which the hostile countries have always tried to undermine and dissuade. Thanks to the sacrifices of the martyrs and the wounded and the steadfastness of the people, the Syrian people were able to win. They pointed out that the Syrians, through their great participation in the presidential elections, have affirmed that the future of Syria is determined by its people and that they are the owners of sovereignty and independent decisions.


The participants noted that the wide participation of the Syrian Arab people in the presidential elections constituted a strong blow to Syria's enemies and represented the culmination of the victories it had achieved in confronting terrorism and its supporters.

The participants expressed their joy at Dr. Bashar al-Assad’s victory in the post of President of the Republic. They stressed that what Syria and its sons are experiencing at home and abroad represents a victory  that confirms that the Syrians adhere to their independent national choice and support their leadership until defeating all terrorists from the homeland.

In Cuba, Randy Alonso, head of the Copadipati website and director of the Cuban program "The Round Table'', confirmed in an interview with SANA correspondent in Havana during his participation in the celebration of the Syrian embassy that Dr. Bashar Al-Assad's victory was an electoral, political and strategic victory. He stressed that this victory confirms the failure of the aggression against Syria which was launched by superpowers in the world during which they used all political, military and media tools to target it.

In his turn, Luis Enrique, Director of Prensa Latina Agency, stated that President Al-Assad's victory represents a victory for the forces of resistance against aggression, expressing his happiness to share the Syrians with this joy.

During his participation in the Syrian consulate's celebration in Sydney, Daniel Gaspari, Venezuela's ambassador to Australia congratulated the Syrian people on the success of the presidential elections. He expressed his country's desire to continue working closely to develop cooperation relations between Syria and Venezuela. He underlined the great importance of Syria in the Arab world due to its strategic geographic location and historical leadership.


Inas Abdulkareem